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What are we?

Funday PawPet Show is an Internet-based puppet show created by Randy “Yappy” Fox in November 1999, broadcast on Sunday nights from 18:00 to 22:00 ET from his home in Kissimmee, Florida.

We are using Mixcloud as our broadcasting provider, so you can watch and subscribe over there to get notifications and to chat with the audience during the live shows!

Thanks to our Financial Supporters!


  • Pickles The Ott
  • Loreck
  • Reeno
  • Brother Rat
  • Koda Masters
  • Sibur Lupus
  • Captain Folf
  • WindKing
  • Oni Kidou
  • Rackett
  • AcerM
  • narddog
  • Campion
  • Mephitus
  • claymorre
  • BlackfootFerret
  • Voidkat
  • Wheelie Otterton
  • Zalno
  • Brother Rat
  • Wolfcat
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Twitch Cheering!

This is something I can't export from twitch, and it happens so fast during the show, that we can't keep up with it realtime. But THANK YOU! These amazing lil bits and cheers that occur during the show have been adding up amazingly! Keep it up We greatly appreciate all that you throw our way!

They don't look like much when they fly by the screen at 90mph, but they add up fast, so much so I actually had to claim them on my taxes this year!