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The Funday Pawpet Show is currently in its 21st season, with more than 780 episodes under its belt.

The show initially ran from November 28, 1999 to September 3, 2017. FPS then went on hiatus from September 3, 2017 until September 9, 2018.

Please note that the episode names are tentative and not at all official.

Most Memorable Episodes

September 11 Episode

After the attacks on September 11, the cast and crew of the show made a special broadcast intending to help the audience gain some closure with the events.

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One shot highlights

  • The Drunk Show - May 07, 2000, episode 23. Inspired by an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati and intended to celebrate the show's 21st episode (the drinking age in Florida, although for various reasons the topic was ultimately pushed back to the 23rd show), the cast took one shot of Rumple Minze for every half hour of broadcast time. This is considered a somewhat controversial episode of PawPets.
  • The Ferret Takeover Show - May 21, 2000, episode 25. Inspired by the film Being John Malkovich, the cast one by one enter a strange back door in the stage and transform into ferrets.
  • The Sinkhole Episode - October 27th 2002, episode 145. Mostly remembered by fans because the “this is a dramatization” disclaimer at the beginning of the show was missed by almost everybody and thus everybody believed the show was actually going down the hole at the end…
  • Gary Gnu Call-In - May 13, 2012, episode 548. Gary Gnu, from “The Great Space Coaster” called in to the show “accidentally” while attempting to call his mother, Gnatalie Gnu, for Mother's Day. Immediately following the Gary Gnu call-in, puppeteer Jim Martin, who voiced the character, called in to talk about a fundraiser for the restoration and preservation of the program tapes.
  • The end of the world! - December 16, 2012, episode 572. The entire show revolved around a fictitious asteroid, which would strike at 9:50 and end the show and the world. During the show, various videos showing asteroids traveling toward the earth are shown, Meanwhile, Blitz names the asteroid “Apawcalypse”. The episode ends with President Obama holding an emergency broadcast about the meteor hit.
  • It's Pawpet Day! - February 1st 2015, episode 656. To celebrate “groundhog day” (even though a day early) - the cast does their version of it…

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