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Video Submissions

Guidelines for submitting video for FPS

  • All video submissions should be no longer than 3 minutes in length. If a video is longer than 3 minutes, it may get cut abruptly around the 3 minute mark.
  • This is not forum to show off Static images. Use your own Flickr, FA, DeviantArt for such. Art jams are for static images, not the video section
  • No self-solicitation. We are not a medium to advertise for your personal gain. Therefore, no “Send Me Money” or “Buy My Stuff”-type videos are allowed.
  • Weekly repetitive videos get boring. If all you send in is the same type of video, week to week, expect to have the video discarded.
  • NO COMMERCIALS! We don't get paid to advertise products, and a lot of the commercials submitted in the past were just way off topic. If a commercial is of a puppet or anthro theme, then it may fit in, and can be submitted.
  • The more action, the more likely it is that we will play. If there is a lot of dead time between action, we may ask that you re-edit and resubmit.
  • All submitted videos and music must be of PG rating.
  • All videos must be in their final edited format. We are unable to re-edit submitted tapes.
  • Be aware that we may not show all videos submitted. If we feel a video is not topical to our style, is too long or 'boring', poor audio quality, poor video quality, or too commercial in nature (Just random rips from movies/tv), it will not be shown.
  • It is preferred that the video resolution be no smaller than 640×480 pixels. The optimum for us would be to match our brodcast standard of 1920×1080 at 30FPS.
  • Audio quality should be minimally sampled to 22K, stereo is optional.
  • It is recommend that the video framerate be no less than 15 fps.
  • Please get broadcast permission from anyone who appears in the video. If we receive a complaint, you will not be allowed to submit anymore videos.
  • We reserve the right to re-edit or shorten a submission in order to fit time and space requirements for the show.
  • Please include information as to how we can contact you with any submission. Also, please include any special requests with the submission. We may or may not be able to accommodate your request.
  • NOTE! Videos may be “Gonged” off the air if enough people in the audience complain about it. This is people's choice, so don't take personal offense if it doesn't make the grade with the audience.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - For legal reasons, we are no longer able to accept copyrighted footage of any kind for video submissions. All video submissions must be your own work from here on in. No Copyright Music, as it will get us struck off Twitch or Youtube. Use Royalty free music only. Note, “Karaoke” tracks are not royalty free, and will cause strikes as well.

Sending Your Video

BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR VIDEO UPLOADED TWO HOURS BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS (approximately by 3:00pm ET). Anything sent after that time will get put in queue for the following week, since it will not have time to get screened.

Upload A Video

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