About Funday PawPet Show

The Funday Pawpet Show is the Internet's longest running interactive variety show, started in November 1999. The show airs live on Sunday, broadcast live from Yappy's house in Kissimmee, FL, and is made available for download shortly afterwards for those who were unable to tune in for the live broadcast. The show has over 750 episodes through 19 seasons.

It all started when...

What is the Funday Pawpet Show? Well, it started one Sunday back at the end of November 1999. Out of boredom, Yappy Fox and a few friends got together to try a silly puppet show in his living room behind his couch. This wild idea came to mind when Yappy was looking around at all the odds and ends of computers, audio and video equipment that he had collected. He thought that if he actually connected some of this junk that was collecting dust, he could stream video on the internet, being that there were already a lot of still image web cams, and the start of internet audio-only radio stations. How many non-profit live internet broadcasts do you see? Usually, only the large money mongers can afford to do it. The challenge set in, and since Yappy and Herbie had already been doing puppet shows for Give Kids The World, they decided that a puppet show might actually attract the interest of an audience. Little did they know that after the first week of acting silly and the audience of 15, it would explode into an expensive weekly endeavor. Fans started flowing in to watch every week, and donations from fans started coming in to try and keep us on the air. FPS is not targeted at kids like the shows at Give Kids the World were, but rather to an older-skewing audience (late teens to early 30s).

Show Rating

The material is not hard-core bad language, but occasionally the subject matter may get a little explicit, or some mild language may pop out, usually a word here and there. We self-rated the show PG-DLS, to sort of match the FCC's TV Parental Guidelines. Do not just put a kid down in front of the computer to watch us. First, see if you want your kids to watch us based on how racy our topics may get.

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