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Arthur Braunschweiger

A bobcat channeling the voice and presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one meow from the great Arthur Braunschweiger will strike fear into the hearts of the weak. He may not look or sound like the sharpest crayon in the box, but his comedic versatility never gets old. Being a cat, he gets along surprisingly well on a show that's clearly gone to the dogs. Arthur helps his pal Scott (Simba), a man for all seasons and jack-of-all-trades, organize parties year-round.

Arthur is voiced by Simba and debuted on episode_6, the first show of 2000.


Simba tells us - in episode_328 - that he came up with the name of Arthur by combining the first name of a character from the web comic User Friendly with the name Arnold Schwarzenegger called himself in Last Action Hero.

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