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Java Frog

A caffeinated frog who found his way to the Pawpet Show, Java is no Kermit. He is loud, lewd, and lucky to be alive, what with all the weird and dangerous stuff he's into. In fact, whatever you’re into, he’s into it too. Java's spontaneity, gravely voice, and googly eyes are a big hit with the audience, which is pretty much the only reason why the others keep him around. He creeps out most of the cast but Poink just can't seem to get enough of him.


Java Frog was dropped on his head daily as a small tadpole. Escaping from a mental institution in the late 80s, he goes to do what the voices in his head tell him to do. His favorite drink and food is coffee. Java works as a part time manager at the Orlando international airport. We are still not sure how he ended up on the show.1)

His parents make a surprise visit during Episode 556a|Megaplex 2012 and are introduced as Mocha (mother) and FC Frog (father). We finally learn where Java has gotten all his kinks from.


Java is performed by Simba.

Bio as read by Scritch on Episode 33
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