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Skippy D. Lion

Skippy was seperated at birth from his Brother Stanley D. Lion, then later in life reunited. Stanley introduced him to the Funday Pawpet Show as a possibility to start a career in acting. Skippy was the mascot of his college football team and exhibited alot of energy when cheering on the team. He enjoys dining on an abundance of red meat and smoking fine cigars. He loves football, monster truck rallies and weightlifting. His favorite music is Pop/Techno/Dance and will on occasion partake in an all night Rave Dance. Skippy enjoys working on classic cars, rebuilding engines and collecting vintage issues of PlayBoy. He is also a big fan of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. He loves to go to the strip clubs on Saturday nights with other lions in his pride. Skippy was raised by a group of lionesses so he tends to have some strong feminine mannerisms. (People think he is gay).

Skippy is voiced by Herbie Hamill.

*Skippy first appeared on Episode 7

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