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Episode: 148

Airdate: Dec 01, 2002  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Loco

Show Highlights

  • The show download starts mid intro
  • The show starts with the headless naked barbies dancing to “He Melo No Lilo”
  • We see Yappy Fox's Christmas tree and - as Mutt puts it - “Hours of entertainment in the right frame of mind”: a multi-colored waterfall light effect
  • “Disney Magic” makes people sick
  • The logo coloring contest submissions are presented.
  • Poink's ability to pronounce certain words leads to Kuddlepup asking how he would pronounce certain words. The highlight being: “X-why-lo-pa-hony”?
  • Is Crappy Doo a cute or an annoying character?
  • Ezra gets a new roommate: Rasvar who has to supply the earplugs
  • The cast greets the future three years from now as the acid flashbacks start off with show number 1
  • After several buttcrack jokes Rasvar hangs Poink from the stage
  • Rummage has a funny looking lip
  • Themeinator
  • FIXME verify? Ben Bruin wins the Themeinator and calls in and gets interviewed
  • Yappy Fox gives us a tour of his outdoor Christmas decorations and…
  • …his Christmas tree, which has a monorail going around it. Including a monoderailing
  • Nair calls in with the Word of the week: “Surfactant”
  • We see Yappy Fox's cast that now sports a red coat of acrylics with a character icon.
  • FIXME name? Sayuk?? calls in and takes the Simpsons trivia quiz
  • Todd's LiveJournal: ringtones and phone etikette
  • Spits or Swallows: Red Coconut Balls, Hot Kids FIXME sp?
  • Rummage kicks Mutt's computer off the stage and hits JackRabbit
  • Tuninator

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Monkey flipping the bird to his eyes.

Videos shown

  • Pawpet Music Video: He's my best friend - Pawpets West
  • Acid Flashback - Episode 1
  • Acid Flashback - Episode 2
  • Pawpet Music Video: I can hear the grass grow - Pawpets West
  • Pawpet Music Video: Mr Bad Example - Southpaw Video Productions
  • Pawpet Music Video: I Second that Emotion - Pawpets West
  • Pawpet Music Video: Pepper - Pawpets Monterey Bay

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink looking up a headless naked Barbie
  • Soundbite: “Stupid! You're so stupid!”
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