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Episode: 157

Airdate: Feb 16, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Valentine's Day 2003

This show is aired two days after the real valentines day, which makes Bandit two days old at this time.




  • Anthony
  • Gene
  • PokitFox FIXME sp?

Show Highlights

  • Herbie's mic is on before the opening credits. We hear him say “Our family's back together, Mach's back!”
  • The stage is decorated in hearts, as is magic 8 ball and Pumpkin
  • Mach is back!
  • It is the week of Rapid T. Rabbit's 20th Anniversary
  • Crazy FC lady picture is framed and on stage
  • Poink suggests that Java be cupit for the show but as Mutt brings up the diapers issue, Java draws a line!
  • Several valentines day related presents are distributed. Including a “Dating for Dummies” book and “Dirty Dice” for Poink as well as handcuffs for Java and a novelty tongue and “KISS tongue lubricated condoms” for Mutt.
  • Todd invents new lyrics for “the wall”… ORK ORK ORK!
  • Pink Flamingo Challenge: Jess, Anthony, Gene
  • Brunhilda introduces himself… or herself… as Poink's sexual therapist.
  • “Crazy FC lady” calls in
  • Mutt tells us the top 10 least effective pick up lines.
  • Poink farts out the camera…
  • Poink loses his blow up sheep “Rasvette” ORK ORK ORK
  • Name that toon
  • A box of cereal with a Lion King game causes havoc as it's spilled all over Rasvar, getting cereal even down his butt crack…
  • Spits or swallows: Orange Cream, Squid
  • Jess flashes the camera! (Pixilated) In channel, TonyRingtail says, “Best Episode Ever!” (which inspires an art jam in Episode 158) and Poink's eyes flash…
  • Poink sets off a “fart bomb” in the studio… as if he of all would need assistance…
  • …which causes the cast to retreat behind the couch again.
  • Movie talk: Final destination 2, Pearl Harbor
  • Nigel calls in and yells at the show
  • Word of the week: Manpanties! (Ask Trixi)
  • Gene Wolf gets interviewed
  • Johnny Bluejean calls in…
  • Scritch presents an x-ray of Yappy Fox's broken arm and announces some additional surgory
  • Kuddlepup announces Toxic Audio appearing at Megaplex 2003 along with many other hightlights
  • The backstage crew has fun with picture-in-picture while Mach reads the shout outs
  • Simba goes topless and Devin joins in… followed by JackRabbit after a brief camera outage.
  • Mutt announces the upcoming telethon.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet Valentines Day cards
  • Caption: A car that is frozen over

Videos shown

  • Pawpet Music Video: Poem - PawPets NorthEast
  • Pawpet Music Video: Every Breath You Take - PawPets West
  • Pawpet Music Video: Surrender - PawPets SouthWest
  • Pawpet Music Video: Pick me a letter - PawPets West
  • Pawpet Music Video: Beautiful like me - Pawpets Monterey Bay
  • Acid Flashback: Mutt eats Arthur FIXME episode?

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Happy anniverary, Rapid T.!”
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