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Episode: 171

Airdate: Jun 08, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Yappy and the Bandit




Show Highlights

  • Mutt realizes that his paws are missing
  • Poink comes up with an interesting way of describing his privates and a hot glue incident…
  • Bandit joins the cast! Woof! - he gets interviewed on the stage by Mutt who is a good bit larger than him.
  • Nerd Ferret got ciriticised by his mom
  • The Fat Bastard challenge (sans results)
  • Nerd Ferret talks about how he came off his pain medication
  • Kuddlepup talks about his worst ever experience job hunting, followed by Poink's.
  • Rummage shows his new “Bidematic”, still wrapped and Poink mentiones that somebody might mistake it for a water fountain (See Episode 180)
  • The IRC server goes down during the show - about 80 minutes in.
  • AGVulpine calls in
  • Bandit has been sick a bit…
  • …but is already recovering and wrestles with Nerd Ferret who returns to stage bandaged up.
  • Name that toon
  • Arthur wears Crappy Doo's hat and channels Java
  • The ebay game
  • Poink presents a scented condom… which he blows up and pops.

Fat Bastard

Nameweight (lbs)
Yappy Fox

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Art Jam: Something having to do with new cast member Bandit.
  • Caption Picture: Real bear standing at a urinal.

Videos shown

  • Pawpet Music Video: Promised Land - Pawpets DC
  • Pawpet music video: Rocket man - COPA
  • Gay pride day video
  • Pawpet music video: The World Song - Papwet Monterey Bay
  • Fluff and Such quicky: Happy Birthday JSonic
  • Pawpet Music Video: Turn the Page - Pawpets DC
  • Pawpet Music Video: Love will turn you around - PawPets SouthWest

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Soundbite “I need food” (Meanwhile a sleepy Bandit is slid down the stage in front of Mutt. Mutt sniffs/nibbles him as the show ends.)
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