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Episode: 173

Airdate: Jun 22, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Flashback Show




Show Highlights

  • Mutt and Todd talk about Progeria - the “aging disease” - and a related helping organization.
  • “Flashback to 80 years ago” - B/W silent movie version with cue cards
  • The fact that Poink doesn't get whacked for snide remarks about Rasvar's weight tells us that he's in fact missing this time.
  • Fat bastard challenge
  • Nerd Ferret insists on Poink being his father…
  • …and Poink insists that it is Java for the similar eyes. Maybe he's the child of Java and Poink?
  • The roll call is done as a rolling title.
  • Herbie shows a Robin Hood figure
  • Bandit flops down on JackRabbit's face
  • JackRabbit shows his guts in a comparison: “Who looks more pregnant? Raini or JR?”
  • Talking about getting off on top of a washing machine, Arthur mentions how JackRabbit's washer visited him in the bedroom
  • Nerd Ferret's taste in music(?) causes some discussion
  • Slim and Bambi join in on a sing along with Arthur for the Timewarp
  • Poink and Bambi make out in front of the stage again with Simba watching from above.
  • Fun with reverb and similar effects…
  • Raini and Harik are interviewed about the upcoming baby.

Fat Bastard

nameweight (lbs)
Yappy Fox?

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets in silent movies
  • Caption: Fox puppet+wine bottle

Videos shown

  • Acid Flashback: Crow Pawpet Video FIXME episode?
  • Blame Canada
  • Acid Flashback: Mini Yappy and Bitch Voop performing a song FIXME name/episode?
  • Acit Flashback: Dalmation puppet performing a song FIXME name/episode
  • Acid Flashback: Carrot goes to the fair FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Mascot bowling FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Pawpet Music Video FIXME name/episode
  • Acid Flashback: Easter egg-throwing madness FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Camera view FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Drunk show FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Ferret takeover show FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: Coaster ride FIXME episode
  • Acid Flashback: New intro music

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • WHO “WHAT”
  • Yappy “Stay tuned for credits”
  • Todd “Good show!”
  • Simba? “In fact, we are going to be here for a little while”
  • Mutt “Are we doing a like a little 10 minute after the show..?”
  • several “No we need to do the credits”
  • Mutt “Oh, OK - that works”
  • “We can read them all off”
  • Mutt “What did you think of the show tonight? Was it good?”
  • several ???
  • Mutt “I had a good time. Much of those flashback videos were fun. Looking into Yappy's house.. I miss Yappy's old house! I miss the smell!”
  • Simba “You miss the smell?”
  • Todd “I don't!”
  • Mutt “It was like really poor ventilation in that house. Especially with farts!”
  • Todd “When the power went out and the air condition went out it got really really hot”
  • several ???
  • Mutt “Oh look! Credits! Jess! I know Jess!”
  • Todd “We're usually singing when these go by!”
  • Simba “Soul bossanova”
  • Todd “Because I said so…”

… the cast goes on reading the song titles from the credits…

  • Mutt “Oh, there's the rainbow screen, we got to get out of here!”
  • Todd “Wow it looks like…”
  • Poink “Goodnight folks!”
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