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Episode: 184

Airdate: Sep 21, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Telethon 2003

The actual show ran for six hours, the download is only the first four and a half hours though. This is due to the fact that the origianl ran the Rapit T. Rabbit show (30 minutes) during the six hour broadcast which isn't part of the download.

  • 997
  • 1197
  • 1435
  • 1645
  • 1650
  • 3005
  • 3105
  • 3483,93
  • 3759
  • 3814
  • 3864
  • 3914
  • 3964
  • 4169
  • 4324
  • 4374
  • 4394
  • 6064
  • ???




  • Raini + Cori

Show Highlights

  • The amounts required for the JackRabbit waxing are: 5000 for bikini wax, 6000 for crotch wax and 7000 for full body wax.
  • The show has a banner running through the bottom of the screen every so often informing us about current amount and how much is needed to get JackRabbit waxed.
  • JackRabbit is out sick.
  • Herbie's brother calls in and talks about his job
  • Roxikat calls in
  • Both Devin and Simba got wasted the day before… and Arthur
  • Split weeners are discussed…
  • Rosco FIXME sp? calls in and he and Mutt inform us about the “Big Bamboo”…
  • IronBadger calls in and offers a commission auction. He also talks about an upcoming book and about Marsupilami.
  • Yurex calls in and talks about roller coasters with Mutt
  • Uncle Kage calls in and tells about finding a restaurant in the dark, and donates 1000$
  • Mutt tries to get into a PawPet lunchbox… but doesn't quite fit.
  • Mutt tries to convince everybody that the show started in 1998
  • The NSync dolls are shown.
  • FIXME name? calls in and offers to match all donations within the next half hour up to 50$
  • Hobbes calls in
  • Coly FIXME sp? calls in
  • Mr Lint calls in but is interrupted by Nonsanity and Cuddles
  • Mutt smasches his Lexmark printer
  • 2 Gryphon calls in and donates a pre-release of his “The Truth” DVD
  • 100 people in IRC channel!
  • FIXME name? calls in and offers a commissioned feather
  • Chilly calls in and
  • Herbie presents the telethon giveaways
  • Poink calls in… from jail! And T-Chall donates 50 used condoms…
  • MrRoo calls in
  • FIXME name? calls in
  • Trixi calls in
  • Right after the donation amount reaches 5000, Yappy Fox announces an anonymous donation of 1000$, pushing the amount to well over 6000 and probably causing much cringing on JackRabbit's part.
  • NOTE highlights based on download which is missing 1.5 hours

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Your character with your favorite Pawpet character (continued in Episode 185

Videos shown

  • Extreme thrill ride
  • Fluff and Such: Mr. Lint sings “Over the Rainbow”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Last action on the download is Herbie presenting lot #2 with the dancing Mushu… the rest of the show (about 1.5 hours) is lost
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