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Episode: 190

Airdate: Nov 23, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Avenue "P"

The show is short staffed as both Herbie and Yappy Fox both are at MFF.




  • Flying Fox
  • FIXME who else?

Show Highlights

  • The intro music is interrupted by a gunshot and “fish heads” song is played
  • Ezra and Poink discuss the Michael Jackson case… stating that not even Poink would nail that.
  • Movie Talk: The cat in the hat
  • Uncle Kage calls in from the airport, leaving MFF
  • Yappy Fox calls in live from MFF and the phone is passed on from person to person… 14 in fact.
  • Rasvar has problems setting up a song… which leads to “If you were gay”, performed by Skippy and Poink
  • “Elitist Baby” Cornelia is presented by Ezra and Bitch Voop sings to her
  • Sing along with Cow “We didn't start the fire” (with excerpts from the deep fried turkey video)
  • Poink “burst in flames”…
  • Nonsanity calls in and informs us that he's going to be father of a little bouncy baby girl…
  • …and selecting a name for her leads to “Cinnamoneeminemacetaminetininnanen” which makes Kuddlepup laugh so hard that - according to Poink - he “didn't only wet his pants he also wet Simba's pants!”
  • Arthur snuffs some beef jerky
  • FIXME name? calls in and plays thing-blots
  • Poink poots
  • FIXME name? calls in but gets interrupted
  • Procyon calls in and plays matchgame
  • Ezra and Rasvar play a skit about computer programs and their strange names…
  • Poink and ??ferret perform “Schadenfreude”
  • Flying Fox explains the “Weeness factor”
  • Simba's brother calls in and talks about how he got stuffed in a dryer by Simba.
  • Simba's mother also talks on the phone and is quoted: “My family is warped!” and “What is the weener?”
  • Arthur asks about local parents… and Poink says yes, they are burried around here…
  • Poink rants about Ezra color-coordinating his underwear

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Yappy holding a fennec fox

Videos shown

  • Deep fried turkey fire hazard
  • “Drug Report” - PawPet Monterey Bay
  • Pawpet Music Video: Big Balls - Pawpets Rocky Mountain
  • Fluff and Such: Old Poink
  • Pawpet Music Video: Hip to be square - PawPets Far East

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Hey Rasvar! Can you stand in front of the camera and make like that solar eclipse?”
  • Arthur “Do it! Come on! You know you want to!”
  • Poink “Yes you do, go ahead!”
  • Ezra “Oh my gosh!”
  • everybody “Oh!”
  • Poink “Goodnight!”
  • a bit later the hamster song is played.
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