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Episode: 214

Airdate: Jun 27, 2004  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




Show Highlights

  • Technical difficulties with the Amiga…
  • Bandit locked the truck on Yappy Fox
  • Ezra brings up a place (FIXME name?) that only sells extremely hot food
  • Yappy Fox (and Scritch) can't believe what's going on in schools these days.
  • A poot-count insert tells us: Yappy 5, JR 1
  • Scritch and Crappy Doo discuss animated ANSI art
  • Ezra plays “The missing link”
  • Skid marks on JackRabbit's pillow
  • Rasvar goes through the old Pawpet website
  • Yappy Fox has finally put up a shed in the garden… see also Episode 219 for how long that one survived.
  • Some lesser known characters appear on show… spokesdog for one, Arab the camel
  • Through the magic of blue screen, Poink makes it into Jess
  • Crappy Doo keeps trying to find out the “L-I-M-P” from Limp Bizkit's “Behind Blue Eyes”
  • Pawpet News with Todd
  • Herbie calls in and tells about the huge character painting he's doing for the friendship rooms
  • Simba lip-syncs to a country song (FIXME name?) and to “Amish paradise”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Bull tongue
  • Yappy's Birthday

Videos shown

  • Fluff and Such: The reason
  • Move your feet

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Wow! Rasvar got the year right!”
  • Poink “Bite me!”
  • Soundbite: “What a strange person”
  • Soundbite: “Log commercial”
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