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Episode: 216

Airdate: Jul 25, 2004  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas in July 2004



Show Highlights

  • The stage is decorated
  • Bandit ate carrot and barfed up the remains
  • The Burger King song (“Ding Fries are Done!”) drives Todd crazy
  • Mutt humps Chocolate Moose behind the stage
  • Rasvar doesn't give “The Father of the Pride” more than 3 episodes… and Mutt wants it to stay on for life
  • White elefant gift exchange: Herbie: Comic book/Play Doh/Megaplex Fliers/Cooner drawing, Yappy: Hamburger helper, Kuddlepup: Plush wolf, Rasvar: House of Blues poster/sweat band/Eisner sucks labels/FPS business cards/Star Wars figure/Pizza slice/XXXXXXXL shirt
  • Spits or swallows: Stawberry FIXME name?
  • Uncle Kage calls in
  • Yappy Fox prepares hamburgers and puts in everything the channel suggests
  • ShadowWolf calls in
  • Mutt talks about ComiCon
  • Name that toon
  • Mutt doesn't believe that there are radios in Iran
  • JackRabbit calls in… or rather FPS calls him
  • DarkWolf calls in - and plays “Win nothing and like it”
  • Despite claiming that “…he's the best call-in ever!”, Mutt never gets DarkWolf's name right
  • The cast MST3k's “Rudolph”
  • The Fluff and Such video is played during the closing song with the cast bluescreen'd in

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet “Charlie Brown” Christmas
  • Caption: Uncle Kage with a headset (and Christmas Photoshop it)

Videos shown

  • “Father of the Pride” trailer
  • Pawpet music video: Garbage - Cherrylips - Pawpets south Florida
  • Fluff and Such: I farted on Santa's lap
  • “Father of the Pride” trailer
  • Fluff and Such: Caption picture (Uncle Kage) singing a Christmas tune (several times)
  • Excerpt from “Rudolph”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “I peeked into the brain of Kage… I'm scared”
  • The Fluff and Such video is played again1)
cut off in the download
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