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Episode: 226

Airdate: Oct 24, 2004  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Herbie's Hot Weinies



Show Highlights

  • Sound check on stage…
  • Rasvar farts in Todd's face
  • Mutt and Rasvar want to make hot wiener's to eat.
  • Poink has a disturbing view at Rasvar - “Stop turning! You're not Sharon Stone!”
  • Mutt is missing his computer and uses Stanly's cup instead…
  • Movie talk: Popeye
  • Cooking with Yappy Fox - “the sea of lard”
  • “Nature Anthem” breaks Mutt
  • Movie talk: Herbie unleashed
  • World's largest whoopie cushion drapped over the stage - and revealed to be a costume for Yappy Fox
  • Bacon sings “Bananaphone”
  • Todd reads a list of the richest fictional characters…
  • Todd explains to Mutt why Disney isn't making money even though they posted record grosses for the year.
  • JR mentions he always thought Roo was sexy. As everyone looks at him in shock/horror he says, “Roo's the Mom…right? Wait, Kanga! Kanga! I meant Kanga!!!!!!”
  • Video game based movies are discussed… everybody knows some but nobody could name a good one.
  • Kuddlepup's car battery exploded…
  • …and he tells us about a spyware infested PC
  • After Rasvar plays “There She Is!” he replays the beginning, syncing it perfectly with “The Brady Bunch” theme.
  • Bandit's crotch-ball victim of the day: Poink
  • Yappy Fox talks about his subwoofers and how he made dust fall from the ceiling
  • Rummage asks why somebody would come up with the idea of stuffing meat into “poo tubes” and Mutt freaks out as he realizes what he just ate…
  • Mutt and Rummage discuss the “poo poo”… and Mutt's logic cracks up Rummage
  • Herbie's Hot Weiner added to the JR the Hutt picture.
  • During Episode 404 Herbie would mention getting in trouble for googling the term 'hot wiener' at work.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets and wienees (WITHIN the rating!)
  • Caption: bike piercing thorugh cheek

Videos shown

  • “Nature Anthem”
  • “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex than Me”
  • “There She Is!” (Cat and Bunny flash animation,
  • Foamy the squirrel - hospital visit FIXME (real title/name)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mitt “Bye!” 1)
  • Poink “Get out!”
  • Ezra “I'm glad I have jury duty tomorrow!”
Download is cut short by about a minute, so real last words might have been different
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