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Episode: 244

Airdate: Apr 03, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

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Mostrar más destacado

  • Ezra and Rummage start the show in Spanish… “orko-okro-orko!”
  • Jess can't speak spanish and tells us so in french…
  • Crappy Doo performs the spanish version of “the circle of life”
  • UncleKage calls in and tells us that the russion word for “fat” is Rasvar
  • Fun with props that were sent in
  • Poink doesn't know who Paris Hilton is… even though she did porn!
  • Skate (FIXME name?) calls in and tells us about his run in with Paris Hilton
  • While discussing hurricane names, Andrea triggers a reaction… ask Yappy Fox about it… or better: don't.
  • Poink gets hit by a voop… and a strange little puppet
  • Movie talk: upcoming Disney/Pixar films
  • We find out that Scream Guy can kill Blueberry but fails at Bandit and Jar-Jar
  • Scream Guy touches Rasvar and the stream
  • The closing credits song is played at half speed

Art Jam tema/Pie de foto descripción

  • Spanish Pawpets
  • Caption: Child with ukulele

Los vídeos mostrados

  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Tony Ringtail (Truck)
  • “Beautiful” (music video with “furstuits”)
  • Weird video with a wolf suit and “little red riding hood” motive… (ca. @ 2:23)
  • FIXME title: music video with dolphin and cow (ca. @ 2:29)
  • Three little pigs… on crack.
  • 3D Animation: Cane-Toad
  • Anime: mouse and tank (FIXME title @ ca. 2:50)
  • Raccoon + Viagra flash animation
  • Bungee Skunk: Night Critters
  • “Yatta” with dolphin puppet

"Las últimas palabras" (y acciones)

  • Mutt *mumbles*1)
Download cut off about a minute early, real last words might have been different
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