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Episode: 247

Airdate: May 01, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Disney Makeout



Show Highlights

  • Lilly Voop is wearing a fez on her ear.
  • MiniRandy french kisses Lilly Voop
  • The cast discusses getting speeding tickets
  • Jess talks about Ronin and car accidents
  • MiniRandy notices that the audience can't tell the difference between Jess and Liesl becuase they are all gay
  • Blueberry gets in trouble and Yappy Fox brings out the knives… and she apologizes to just about everybody Kuddlepup can come up with
  • Rasvar is taking french class…
  • Rasvar mirrors the video image and The Peckers realize some 20 minutes later.
  • MiniRandy and Lilly Voop perform “Don't go breaking my heart” and “fly me to the moon”
  • Lilly Voop is just being voop…
  • We learn about the construction of Disney hotels
  • We also learn some funny insight stories about rides in Disney
  • Summarizing how many hours of show time are already behind them, Poink starts to cry
  • Echo performs “So long, and thanks for all the fish” from the new “Guide” movie.
  • Rasvar breaks the show by opening too many windows on his Mac

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Two Buffalos
  • Pawpets vs. Police

Videos shown

  • Indy-song (FIXME title @ ca. 0:20)
  • “Moskau”
  • William Shatner - “singing” (FIXME title @ ca. 0:40)
  • Mach's thank you video
  • Rap in doll house (FIXME title @ ca. 1:44)
  • the “numa numa” song
  • Weird song (FIXME title @ ca. 2:02)
  • Shatner “singing” Rocketman
  • Old Disney movie clips
  • “Bring me the head of Charlie Brown”
  • Pawpets SouthWest - “Give me a damn's busted”
  • Weird “Banana” song (FIXME title @ ca. 3:45)
  • Red vs. Blue: Internet vs. RL
  • “Follow us!” - Disney music clip

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Can you make 'em any damn bigger?!”1)
Download is cut short by 2 minutes - real last words might have been different
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