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Episode: 257

Airdate: Aug 07, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

We have roaches!

Show download is about three minutes short due to a UPS failing.




  • Uncle Kage

Show Highlights

  • Jess cooks steaks
  • Ezra remembers Willy Wonker
  • Crappy Doo does some pretty good impersonations of Cow, Arthur, Java and Carrot
  • When trying to impersonate Uncle Kage, Crappy Doo accidentally teleports him on stage…
  • Uncle Kage drops the stage sign on Simba as he tells us about the party at Mach's place
  • Yappy Fox shows his new animated LJ icon
  • Uncle Kage tells us about his visit to Eurofurence
  • Poink darts Java
  • Mutt has a brief reality flash and realizes that he's a puppet… which causes Ezra and Blueberry to freak out
  • Erza notes that FPS has an entry on wikipedia
  • The “Hillary for prez” animation cuases everybody to go O.O
  • A UPS dies and knocks the show off air for a few seconds
  • Jess sets the desert on fire and Uncle Kage is worried that they're wasting the alcohol…
  • Uncle Kage strangles Poink for making faces behind his back
  • Ezra tells Uncle Kage what happens at the end of the show

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets and electrical storms
  • Caption: Mach realizing that Uncle Kage is at his party

Videos shown

  • Excerpt from the Eurofurence 10 pawpet show “The phantom of the pawpet show”
  • “Look around you” - The brain
  • “Look around you” - Iron
  • “Hillary for president” flash animation song

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Simba you need a new flea collar!”
  • Uncle Kage - kissing Poink
  • Lilly Voop “Woah! Hey! None of that going on!” (directed to Kage and Poink)
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