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Episode: 265

Airdate: Oct 02, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

British numa numa!




  • TRWolf
  • FIXME?

Show Highlights

  • Tonight's show is sponsored by “All-Bran”
  • Audrey learns from Ezra that she'd been eating lamb shish kabob
  • Crappy Doo and Ezra get groomed during a music performance which leaves Lilly Voop aghast…
  • Yappy Fox returns to groom Lilly Voop and when Poink asks for a grooming too, he whacks him with then brush
  • The cast talks about underwear…
  • The stage sign falls down…
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Ezra presents a riddle about US coinage
  • “What was your favorite christmas ornament?”
  • Poink gets punched by Rasvar for calling him “half of the cast”
  • “Sheep Dash!”
  • Which celebrities will die next?
  • Somebody farts and JackRabbit flees
  • Tuninator
  • The cast sings the theme of “Love boat”… both loud and off tune!
  • Audrey and the technocolor pig perform “what if God smoked…”
  • Recherei sends in a set of “bad taste bears” for the cast…
  • Bandit chases a laser pointer and licks the carpet

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets being groomed
  • Caption: three monkeys in a cage

Videos shown

  • Music video: FIXME (title?)
  • “The nature anthem”
  • ??
  • Apache
  • Leonard Nimoy - “Bilbo Baggins”
  • iPod flea - commercial
  • Freedo Bandito (sp?) - B/W commercial
  • CBS news segment
  • Whirlpool commercial
  • FIXME title? Music video (Star Wars themed)
  • “Build your own transmitter”
  • Headache commercial
  • Old lady bying briefs - commercial
  • Tobor - commercial
  • Pillsbury Plus, yellow cake - commercial
  • Hungry Jack - commercial
  • Breakfast at McDonalds - commercial
  • Sheer Indulgence - commercial
  • Reggie, the candy hit - commercial
  • Comtrex - commercial
  • Bell - commercial
  • Bell - commercial
  • FIXME brand? Pantyhose - commercial
  • Twice as fresh - commercial

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “The loooove boat!”
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