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Episode: 268

Airdate: Oct 30, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Halloween 2005




  • Ronin Otter (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • It's the “after Thanksgiving” show… everybody is stuffed
  • We see a “Sony DVD/VCR” logo for some seconds and cut back to everybody laughing and mentioning the download for everybody who missed the joke…
  • Poink is trying to have a conversation with Gnoip
  • Rally Monkey!
  • Yappy Fox farts and everybody cires!
  • Movie talk: MirrorMask
  • Upcoming movie talk: Indiana Jones 4, James Bond…
  • somebody farts and the stage clears… except Herbie/Mutt who can't really smell it…
  • Scream Guy updates his LiveJournal…
  • Mutt realizes that the “sex offender locator” web site displays a star above his house…
  • Pink Flamingo - starring Ronin and Herbie force feeding him! With a barf-bag even :)
  • Poink reports a case of Toad Rage on I-4
  • Ronin gets interviewed
  • Magic eight ball refuses to answer the question about Disney making cheesy sequals several times.
  • Scream Guy kills off the entire cast during the end credits!

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • The trippiest pawpet image you can think of
  • Caption: Man covered in bees

Videos shown

  • Milk Rap
  • Pawpet music video: Ghostbusters (Pawpets North Coast)
  • Over the hedge trailer
  • Creepy bunny animation music video
  • Animatiacs “Macademia”
  • Several “floating head” videos
  • Halloween animation
  • Sports Fan/Anime Fan comparison (to Yatta)
  • Sports Fan/Anime Fan in elevator (a-kon commercial)
  • Gameboy micro commercial (Mouse in a lab)
  • Kingdom of Hearts commercial
  • Scary video with a little kitty cat taking body parts to become human.
  • Pawpet music video: FIXME song title? (Pawpets southwest)

Nut shot of the week

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Scream Guy “Yeah! I killed Bandit! Kill the camera! Touch the camera!” (while pointing at the camera)
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