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Episode: 287

Airdate: Apr 16, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Easter 2006




  • Michel Mephit
  • Basil1)

Show Highlights

  • Poink starts with red balloons as eyes and continues (after Ezra pops 'em) with Kermit style eyes.
  • Poink puts some plastic easter eggs over his eyes
  • Crappy Doo breaks as he sees “the easter bunny hates you”
  • The cast realizes that everything in the Disney store got “Poo”…
  • The “Funday Pawpet Show” sign falls down
  • Poink's red hair smells like strawberries.
  • Porn music…
  • Ezra complains about “Pleasure Island”
  • The cast has vintage wine and pizza… to dip into the wine.
  • Spits or swallows: Canadian fish
  • Ezra tells us about a nightmare from his childhood while we see Lilly Voop and Poink making out in close up.
  • Liesl does the peep-challenge roll call
  • Poink tells how he saw a frog/toad eating some ants of a Mentos and swallowing the Mento
  • Peeps in the microwave
  • Rasvar tries to hoist up Bandit to the stage - and Poink, Ezra and Bandit play ring pull together.
  • Lots of plans regarding Mentos
  • Basil runs around on stage… as Rasvar farts in front of the stage and Yappy Fox farts backstage.
  • Eagle Beagle farts during art-jam and makes even Basil hide his nose

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Easter Weasel (Weasel with bunny ears)
  • Pawpets and easter eggs

Videos shown

  • Bunny Death: .22 pistol - PA pets
  • The easter bunny hates you
  • Farscape scene: Easter Bunny fight
  • Fu the dancing fox - nice cute animation
  • Blast from the past: Poink telling the story about a kid getting hurt by a Stretch Armstrong (Episode 285)
  • Banana Splits music video
  • Bunny Death: Copa: 26 ways to destroy peeps
  • Bunny Death: Katana
  • Bunny Death: Shark attack (no audio)
  • Simpson commercial: Homer “Silly Rabbit…”
  • Pink Bunny Suit paintball
  • Bunny Death: Death by snow mobil by Michel Mephit
  • Bunny Death: Mentos and Diet Coke by Rasvar and JackRabbit
  • Bunny Death: Mentos and Diet Coke by Rasvar and JackRabbit, take #2
  • Bunny Death: Shark attack by Ronin Otter
  • Commercial: “Tidy up” Ikea
  • Commercial: Hand lotion
  • Commercial: Hamster ball soccer commercial
  • Commercial: “use condoms”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Yappy “My fingers still smell of fish!” Poink “PS don't forget to <interrupted by soundbite>” Ezra “The dog butt in my face” Poink “Goodnight!”
Michel Mephit's pet skunk
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