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Episode: 291

Airdate: May 21, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpet Soap



Show Highlights

  • First show without Jess
  • Shak's date stole his car…
  • Yappy Fox plays a christian record, found in Rasvar's stuff
  • Soap-Con!
  • Guess the con by the bar of soap… unused of course.
  • Soap City
  • Poink goes cross-eyed over Yappy Fox's soap collection
  • Poink tells about his experiences with a suppository
  • Other people have skeletons in their closet… Rasvar has dead frogs.
  • Lilly Voop brings up a huuuuge knive as Poink comments on a “woman driver” video…
  • Kuddlepup operates the camera… his score is measured in the “Richter Scale”
  • Bandit is repeatedly made to jump up the stage, stomping on JackRabbit and Terry
  • We see Terry in bluescreen behind Shak… weird.
  • Mutt calls in and talks about the Top Thrill coaster
  • Freeze-frame Eagle Beagle-face
  • JackRabbit takes a challenge and breaks a record
  • The pawpets do a sing-along version of “Crazy Frog” and “Strangers in the night”
  • Poink realizes that he is indeed the un-hippest ferret around as he tries to sing to “Wild wild west”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Lion grimace
  • Pawpet Soap Opera (Optional: Mutt on a roller coaster)

Videos shown

  • ?? Puppet based show
  • Masters of the Universe - “Brokeback Mountain”
  • “Easy Does It” - woman drivers
  • “The Professor” is talking about a gyroscope
  • “The Professor” is talking about “thermaly excited pipes”
  • “Star Wars - True”
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Weird video with a pink teddy bear
  • Private Snafu: Spies
  • Seed: Ding (cut short)
  • Communist Mario…
  • Behind the Blue Man Group
  • Devo

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Poink, you are wickety wickety whack!”
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