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Episode: 294

Airdate: Jun 11, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

What big eyes you have!



Show Highlights

  • Yappy Fox displays his TRS80
  • Poink has the Kermit style eyes
  • Poink reads the “gaming manual” of the TRS80
  • Yappy Fox finds out that CLS 9 on the TRS80 outputs “MICROSOFT”
  • After typing in 14 lines of code, Yappy Fox has a fancy “digital keyboard”
  • Liesl slaps Poink so hard, his eyes fall off (after several tries)
  • Ezra and Lilly Voop talk about their roommates at MegaPlex and how people used their bathroom for no particular reason.
  • Yappy Fox plays the “Robin Hood” audio book read along - from a skipping record
  • Movie Talk: Favorite classics
  • Poink talks about a questionable offer of a cashier ringing up his new bedsheets
  • Dex calls in
  • Ezra tries to tell a story about a coffe talbe…
  • Rasvar calls in
  • Kuddlepup tries to do an eye transplant with Spider - and they fall off!
  • The cast tries the eyes on different characters… with various rates of success.
  • Somebody called Simba on his cell phone…
  • Simba plays “human potato head”, providing stick on lips for the others to experiment with… but they work best on Crappy Doo
  • Movie Talk: Cars
  • Ezra does sit-ups.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet Transportation
  • Caption: Husky in the fridge

Videos shown

  • Fluff and Such: I'm with you
  • Drive in: speaker handling clip
  • welcome back to the drive in
  • Jumpin' Ferrets
  • Beginning to date - educational short
  • Big man on campus
  • Devo - Satisfaction
  • FIXME: name correct? Let's go dancing
  • Kool and the gang: Celebration

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Moobles” FIXME?
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