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Episode: 302

Airdate: Sep 03, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Superheros and sex-ed



Show Highlights

  • Poink's car gives up on his way to the show
  • Mutt and Crappy Doo got washed
  • Mutt and Poink ask Liesl about feminine hygene products
  • Java has fun with the Enterprise
  • The cast wonders how many movies based on 9/11 are going to come out this year
  • Arthur channels Crappy Doo
  • Poink makes friends with the senior citizens on the block.
  • Todd's brain teaser
  • Poink tells about how he made friends with a cop in a 7-11
  • Fun with an order of Pizza
  • California or Germany? Lilly Voop and Kuddlepup present weird news articles and let the audience guess where they happened
  • The cast talks about how they learned about the “birds and the bees”…
  • …which leads into talk about doctors
  • Lilly Voop, Fuzzle, Ezra (joined by Poink a bit later) perform a song segment from “Give Kids the World”
  • Yappy Fox poots
  • Kuddlepup and Liesl play pattycake
  • Trixi(sp?) calls in… and hilarity ensues (with a 3-second delay)
  • Mutt and Ezra dance to “Popcorn”
  • Pez calls in…
  • PunkTiger calls in…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet as superheros / Who wants to be a pawpet
  • Caption: Leaping cat

Videos shown

  • Farting pig animation
  • Snakes on a train - “trailer”
  • Adult Swim - cuddles the bear rape
  • Fish heads
  • Showbiz Pizza technical education video…
  • The fox and the hound / Circle of life - cut short
  • Gopher Broke (3D animation)
  • The fox and the hound / Circle of life
  • …the same video + Apache
  • Crazy Frog “Popcorn”
  • Can't stop the rock
  • ??? Wolfman ???
  • Jasper and the haunted house (stop motion - and very un-PC)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Arthur “THE BRIDGE IS OUUUUT!” everybody “AAAAHHH!”
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