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Episode: 306

Airdate: Oct 01, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Oh Crap...olina!




  • Akea??? FIXME(name?)

Show Highlights

  • Show starts with Mutt burping
  • Mutt does a facedesk at BJ Wolf's suggestion for the art-jam: Pawpets and what they do on the crapper
  • Call in - wrong number!
  • The rating is shot after about 20 minutes…
  • Arthur is driving BJ Wolf mad about a Tivo and “Time Machine Recording” using a flux capacitor
  • The cast discusses how “girly” everybody is…
  • The worlds largest penis is discussed… and Arthur freaks out
  • Mutt tries to read rollcall - while Rummage “beat boxes” the mexican hat dance
  • Yappy Fox and Simba talk about how they want to setup Mutt's computer… Geek-free!
  • Poink mentions that Disney is about to release a remastered “Robin Hood” with an alternate ending…
  • Puddin's mom - Crapolina is introduced… she is Mutt's sister
  • Poink pushes Lilly Voop to make her scream…
  • Yappy Fox records Simba's “Oh no! I'm a Tomato!” and plays it backwards.
  • Lots of songs played backwards
  • Poink suggests a “Momento” show
  • Simba titles a discussion about satanist musicians “Poink, counter Poink”
  • Crapolina makes moves towards Mutt… which might explain the family…
  • Crapolina continues to freak out Mutt during the interview
  • Some vanity plates like “AV8ER” or “D9ITALL” are shown.
  • 4-part birthday cake for multiple birthdays (JackRabbit, Liesl, Kuddlepup and
  • Whisper Guy from Episode 310 makes a brief appearance
  • Lots of fun with a screenshot of the week before and the “cross fade” is had
  • Yappy Fox pounds Crapolina on the kitchen counter…
  • Poink mentions that Zena looks “freaky, no wonder only virgins can see you” and Zena answers “Why can you see me then?”
  • Somebody pees on Forest

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Alternate endings to Robin Hood

Videos shown

  • Fursuits at MFM (broken)
  • Vik - the fox - intro
  • Fursuit stage line up(?)
  • BungeeSkunk - AC dance video
  • “Hardware store” - with SecondLife(?) video
  • Dr. Who montage - as “Doctor Mew”
  • Furloween VIII trailer

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Whisper Guy “28 days” - Ezra “AAAAAHHH!”
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