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Episode: 327

Airdate: Apr 01, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




Show Highlights

  • Liesl wears her “Damsel by day, wench by knight” t-shirt
  • Poink wanders off with Carrot
  • …and “stand in carrot” takes over (Pumpkin)
  • Ezra is happy because he got a coupon book for the renfair
  • Spits or swallows: Limburger
  • The cast talks about a Tom Jones concert they went to.
  • The cast tries to read Fox in Sox
  • Ezra looks for the lyrics of “I wanna get some” and Yappy Fox tells him to add Tom Jones to avoid false hits… now he's searching for “I wanna get some Tom Jones”…
  • Yappy Fox talks about
  • The cast discusses their experiences in school… especially the food.
  • Poink tells the story about his Ford Fiesta and the sprinkler
  • Java as the voice of your car!
  • Carrot is pleasuring Liesl off camera…
  • A Japanese “Horror intro” (???) is played as audio only bit…
  • Lots of Tom Jones pictures for art jams
  • Simba dies of a fart

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets in Dr. Seuss Land
  • Caption: A… whatever… figure on a bar…

Videos shown

  • Yappy Fox and Herbie in Fox in Sox
  • Animation: Guy in a cubicle - farting
  • Squirrel slingshot
  • B'owl - fake commercial
  • Weird animation… fish, cow, shark
  • Ducktales intro… in Japanese? Or Taiwanese???
  • Funny Bone - commercial
  • Credits?
  • Opera singer aniation
  • Princess and the frog - bank commercial
  • Puppet new interview with “Kevin Costner” directing “Waterwolfs”
  • Chair sex…. PES :)
  • Granny farts
  • Dancing Hippo animation (“KOZO”)
  • Hippo and vending machine

Ass beating hour

  • Yappy Fox: Shoplifting
  • Poink: putting matchheads into cigarettes
  • Ezra: Fake chocolate souce

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Fo shizzle”
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