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Episode: 346

Airdate: Sep 23, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]


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Show Highlights

  • After a three week hiatus, Mutt and Rummage recount their misadventures in Europe with plenty of pictures and video!
  • Destinations hit: Holland, England, Germany, France
  • The results of the bet by the rest of the cast on how long it would take before Mutt and Rummage ended up in a coffeeshop after getting off the plane in Holland (1 hour)
  • Bandit eats the hot glue sandwich that Hugh Manatee brought to the show
  • Hugh gets a “Prince Albert” (A tattoo of the prince on his flipper)
  • Mutt raves about the Ringberg Hotel in Suhl, Germany while consuming record amounts of coffee
  • Major praise for the Eurofurence 13 Pawpet Show
  • Jagerfuchs' favorite thing about the con? “Endless amounts of Jagermeister.”
  • A picture of Yappy Fox in a London phone booth is used as the caption picture
  • Ezra sustains an ankle injury
  • Liesl is addicted to TiVo
  • Yappy, Ezra, and Eagle Beagle engage in a lengthy argument over the difference between a T.V. network and a T.V. station
  • Arthur finds some wax lips and obsesses over O.J. Simpson
  • A discussion of the creepiest places in the world leads to a discussion of celebrities in rehab
  • Liesl remembers an old pizza restaurant commercial that no one else can seem to remember
  • Yappy shows off his light-up shotglass holder
  • Scream Guy makes a rare, out of season appearance to warn Arthur about his birthday, get traumatized by the wax lips, give Liesl the kiss of death, and discuss upcoming October events
  • Reading postcards from the audience
  • Hiss E. is interviewed while getting mauled by Bandit
  • Subservients Crash and Jagerfuchs act lewd and have their silly way with Liesl
  • Special call-in guest: Twinkie

Videos Shown

  • Thorough teaser from the EF 13 Pawpet Show
  • Collage of video footage from just about every stop- Mutt “respecting the culture” in a coffeeshop, the lounge of the Ringberg hotel, model trains in a restaurant, etc.
  • A PA Pets tribute to Luna- Nickelback's “Far Away”
  • NeoPanTyger- Justin Timberlake's “My Love”
  • “Tossin' and Turnin'”
  • A street fight featuring Disney walkaround characters
  • Footage from a “Mixed Candy Dance Party”

"Last Words"

Hugh: “Moo!”

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