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Episode: 353

Airdate: Nov 11, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The 2007 Telethon Show

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  • Twinkie
  • Feros (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The telethon officially begins with $5,910 raised already out of $6,000, and Yappy keeps track with a light-up cinema marquis
  • Yappy tips the camera sideways slightly, causing pawpets and props onstage to slide
  • The goal of $6,000 for licensing and equipment is reached 10 minutes in, and donations keep coming in, so the cast debates what to do with the rest: put it towards gas money, buying new toys, re-doing the stage, etc.
  • Every time a PayPal donation comes in, “Yatta” is played, and Poink gets a little too excited- Poink: “Yeah, money does that to me.”
  • More commissioned artwork, several escorts to a dance, a sailboat cruise vacation for 4, and Liesl's panties are auctioned off, among other prizes
  • Mutt has trouble telling the difference between “escort” and “sex,” and Lilly wants to buy a short bus
  • Eagle Beagle is full of s'mores
  • Special call-in guest 2 The Ranting Gryphon, standup comedian and musician, auctions off a night of drinks on him and changes his name to “2 The Ranting Onion”
  • The cast keeps coming up with ridiculous things to do once they reach $10,000
  • The Pawpet Show takes a moment to tell the audience about colon health and yogurt
  • 233 people join the channel, the highest number to date
  • Twinkie's word of the day with a British accent: “Cadburies.”
  • Lilly tries to sell herself and gets an unstoppable fit of giggles
  • Poink announces the debut of the Poinkcast
  • Bandit wants to play crotchball, and the cast erupts into a chorus of “meh”s
  • Lilly and Poink take a nap on each other
  • Twinkie makes a last minute bid and wins 3 different escorts
  • Spider-man shows up and reveals himself to be Scream Guy
  • Second special call-in guest Chilly breaks down the events of the upcoming MFF 2007
  • Interview with special guest Feros
  • Final total: $10,052

Videos Shown

  • CNN coverage of MFM 2007
  • Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo
  • Team Fortress 2 Promo- “Meet the Engineer”
  • “Animal Makers”
  • NeoPantyger dances to Prince's “When Doves Cry”

"Last Words"

Eagle Beagle: “Hit the button!”

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