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Episode: 355

Airdate: Dec 02, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Of Aliens and Purple Goats




  • FIXME? name @ 2:15:00
  • Woody FIXME sp?
  • Frazzy FIXME sp?
  • Frazzy626 (Subservient)
  • Sophy FIXME sp? @3:18:00 (Subservient)
  • Jason

Show Highlights

  • Ben Franklyn show bumper
  • Almost everybody is hung over
  • Mutt mentions that he forgot his phone at home…
  • Poink's left eye is out
  • The list of donators is scrolled by… and again… and again…
  • Fun with transitions. Including “Manatee Eyes” a.k.a. jogging boobs…
  • Can you guess the TV theme?
  • JackRabbit brings an “escape your shape” box that he got himself at a white elephant type gift exchange the day before
  • SecondLife: Yappy Fox tries to watch the show in SecondLife, plays Benny Hill to SL dancing session
  • FIXME name? @ 2:15:00 gets interviewed - complete with GotC and several Arnold impressions
  • Frazzy and Sophy co-subservient
  • Mutt's birthday… sans Liesl so Simba has to sing…
  • Crappy Doo and Arthur appear together on stage!
  • The Art Jams are a tad bit out of order…
  • Mutt wonders where on the body a tattoo would hurt the most

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Drinking games / hangovers
  • Caption: Eagle Beagle getting squeezed…1)

Videos shown

  • Ben Franklyn show bumper
  • “Escape your shape” (Benny Hill'd)
  • “Boot to the head will” with anime style animation FIXME source? @ 1:43:00
  • “Brazil” - cut short due to technical difficulties
  • Gigantic puppet performance FIXME title? @ 1:49:00
  • Music video: Animated cats FIXME title @ 1:54:00

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “So, I was thinking about getting a tattoo on my…”
Kuddlepup thinks the girl in the picture is Liesl… which gets him in trouble.
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