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Episode: 358

Airdate: Dec 30, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Baby New Year, The EB-Bloop-Show




  • Tank (Subservient)
  • Aetobatus
  • Dar'Rushk (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The intro song is enhanced with “bloop” sound effects.
  • Poink has trouble working a mac… the “toilet seat”
  • Ezra freaks out the cast by appearing twice… at once!
  • Fast food eating disasters
  • KuddlePup got a new car…
  • …and Herbie ponders serveral law suit loaded themes for his PT Cruiser.
  • A few quick flicks through KuddlePup's camera bring up thoday's caption picture…
  • …and next weeks…
  • …and a penis pancake
  • Löwenbräu is introduced…
  • …and gets introduced to Skippy himself
  • Eagle Beagle and Simba have a tug of war with Bandit
  • Movie talk: Review 2007
  • Best memories of 2007
  • Spits or swallows: FIXME name? cookies and a soda 1)
  • Aetobatus gets interviewed
  • Eagle Beagle holds up his end of the deal and becomes Baby New Year!
  • Eagle Beagle and Mutt have to get into a diaper as it was agreed on at the telethon FIXME episode #
  • The cast sets up the upcoming party… and designated drivers…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets' new year's resolution
  • Caption: A lady in an outfit that shows off a figure that wasn't meant to be seen

Videos shown

  • Fat guy dancing
  • Music Video: The Riddle
  • Music Video: Bla Bla Bla

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “I want to say thanks to ” starts reading channel
  • Poink and Ezra saying thanks to various serios and not so serious things and persons
  • Ezra “Bye everybody!”
Even Bandit is having a hard time chewing them
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