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Episode: 362

Airdate: Feb 03, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpets of the Caribbean




  • Captain Jack Sparrow (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast talks about FC 2008
  • Ezra presents: the non-violent, politically correct war (card) game
  • Poink still has his googly eyes
  • Spider gets scritches by Liesl
  • Spider does a head stand to show off his udders… complete with censor bar, keyhole, grail…
  • Bucktown Tiger gets his first airing at FPS.
  • The channel keeps guessing who Liesl's new roommate is going to be
  • Liesl's new roommate calls in: it's Takala!
  • Captain Jack Sparrow does the roll call which takes quite a while…
  • Mutt wonders what the infamous “con-crud” is
  • With Spoiler and Captain Jack on stage, there's a lot of ass-kissing going on
  • SecondLife excursion
  • The cast discusses the wikipedia entry on the show and how they would need more press coverage to stay on there.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Dog and Ferret

Videos shown

  • FIXME title - Bucktown Tiger @1:02:45
  • FIXME title - Bucktown Tiger @1:07:30
  • Fursuit parade from FIXME verify? @ 2:36:00
  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 2:57:00 (flying dogs and lasers)
  • Groundhog 202
  • Music Video: The Riddle

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • The cast saying goodnight and pondering things to do the next weekend 1)
Download cut short by a few seconds, real last words might have been different
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