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Episode: 372

Airdate: Apr 27, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Rick Rolled!




  • Pounce Bunny FIXME sp? @ 14:00
  • Jouva
  • Recherei

Show Highlights

  • Yap-TV closes with a Rick-Roll, and the show starts with one as well.
  • A ton of snacks is dumped on the stage… aftermath of the 4-20 show?
  • Audrey loses her hair and prompts a comparison to Sinead O'Connor
  • There is some discussion going on about who would perform “the witch doctor”
  • Pep makes a breif appearance
  • “Bra Bus Husky” picture…
  • Nostalgia music night… Lollypop and Mr. Sandman
  • Yappy Fox flexes his muscles to “Mr. Baseman” and Ezra cracks up
  • JackRabbit with his sunglasses sings “Only the lonely”
  • Lilly Voop and Poink discuss ticks and country songs about them
  • Poink is about to be struck by lightning… and Ezra tries to get out of the way…
  • Yappy Fox plays “the witch doctor” and the chipmunks at half speed
  • Bandit close up while playing with the rings
  • A cup left backstage appears… and it's almost alive!
  • Spits or swallows: FIXME What? @ 2:52:00
  • Ezra and Rummage perform “Proper cup of coffee” and “the window” as a “blast from the past”
  • RickRoll #4: Rummage performs “never gonna give you up”
  • RickRoll #5: Karaoke version… the cast sings… or rather tries.
  • RickRoll #6: Closing song

Videos shown

  • RickRoll #1 - Music Video: Never gonna give you up
  • Music Video: FIXME @ 5:30
  • Nair commercial
  • Bubblicious commercial
  • Music Video: Lollypop
  • Flipsiders commercial
  • BucktownTiger - FIXME song @ 58:00
  • Relish Packet PSA? @ 1:02:00
  • Hillary Clinton campaign commercial with weird puppets
  • Cylon Bubble Machine commercial
  • Catfish hotel
  • RickRoll #2
  • FPS Logo in 3D
  • Russian claymation - FIXME title @ 1:23:30
  • Megaplex 7 memories - Wild'Bill'TX
  • Cartoon All-Stars to the rescue (George Bush anti-drug video)
  • Jesus Survives… in a presentation…
  • Music Video: Timewarp
  • Pawpet song performance FIXME where? @ 3:07:00
  • RickRoll #3
  • Music Video: She wants to dance with me
  • Star Trek fan video (excerpt)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Rickroll instead of regular ending song
  • Hugh “Who's going out for Chalupas?”
  • Lilly “…chilly dog”
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