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Episode: 379

Airdate: Jun 22, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Huskers (Subservient)
  • Sniffer (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Ezra and Poink show us how Eagle Beagle's manual pump up car seats work
  • Yappy Fox had to help his parents with a new Windows XP computer
  • Bandit is wearing a pawpet t-shirt
  • Poink realizes he's been in the fandom too long because “crincle fries” gave him the wrong mental image
  • Bandit growls at Yappy Fox's attempts to play “larger than life” on a broken turntable
  • Poink teaches Eagle Beagle on how to wish pain to somebody…
  • Uncle Kage calls in and talks about AC and how his time machine blew a capacitor
  • Ezra gets hands!
  • Ezra accidentally scheduled the “Husky Meet” at the same time as the “Cats rule” panel…
  • KuddlePup reads the list of the worst cars ever
  • What car would fit the cast members?
  • KuddlePup asks Poink some questions for a personality meme
  • Yappy Fox pinches Eagle Beagle's butt…
  • The show closes with FIXME title? instead of the usual goodbye song

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets in old school cartoons
  • Caption: RL Bert

Videos shown

  • “Larger than life” fursuit performance “n-fur”
  • FIXME song title @ 30:00 fursuit performance “n-fur”
  • Music Video: California Dreaming
  • Music Video: I got you babe
  • Music Video: How sweet it is
  • Music Video: Dream Weaver
  • Music Video: Boogie Nights
  • Music Video: Fire
  • Music Video: F.U.C.K
  • Music Video: Freak (FIXME? title @ 45:00)
  • Gravy Train - dog food commercial
  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Music Video: Manatee song (beginning, replay) FIXME real title @1:17:00
  • RCFM “Deep 6” - Wild'Bill'TX
  • “dernch spring water” - Dancing Puppet commercial
  • FIXME video title @1:25:00 (“Da Da Da”…?)
  • FIXME video title @1:28:00
  • Achmed the dead terrorist (“How do you spell your name?”)
  • Animated video to the “witchdoctor” FIXME title @ 1:49:00
  • “Pretty Donkey” video (FIXME title @ 2:14:00)
  • Historic “The price is right” footage…
  • Bluepaw 89 FIXME in memory of who? @ 2:38:00
  • Jack in the box commercial
  • “banned jack in the box commercial”
  • Jack in the box Taco commercial
  • Burger King vs. Ronald McDonald

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Yappy “I remember youuuuu”
  • everybody “uuuuuuuu”
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