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Episode: 385

Airdate: Aug 10, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Wierd tidbits




  • North (Subservient)
  • Sniffer (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • FIXME name?, the creator of Shaft died…
  • Hugh Manatee brings out: Manatee Version 2.0!
  • The cast wonders how songs would sound when sped up and if they would make good techno…
  • Liesl tries NOT to hit any buttons with her toes
  • Ezra plays a game with the cast and audience: guess the phobia
  • A bubblegum flavored softdrink
  • An interesting discussion about pasta variations
  • We learn that Hugh Manatee is actually from Hugh-sten.
  • Over all many left turns, lots of funny moments but none of which long enough to make it into the list

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Tiny Pawpet Adventures / Pawpets with kilts
  • Caption: Kilted marching band meets “Marylin Monroe”

Videos shown

  • I feel love (Sped up)
  • Love to love you
  • Peanut butter commercial
  • Pink Panther and sons
  • Yiddish with Dick and Jane
  • Animated “Jerry Lewis”
  • Fetal Scooby Doo
  • FIXME title @1:32:30
  • Burger King commercial
  • “The Beatles”… announcement “in lively black and white”
  • FIXME show title @ 1:48:00: Larry in a bear suit
  • FIXME title @ 1:54:00: Horse, cowboy and indian “animation”
  • Pac-Man in Super Mario
  • Simon's cat
  • Simon's cat: TV dinner
  • Simon's cat: Let me in
  • The Barkleys - Intro
  • Uncle Croc's Block - Intro
  • The Oddball Couple - Intro
  • The Amazing 3 - Intro
  • PSA: “bee dance video” - Bring our bees back
  • Captain Kool and the Kong Intro FIXME sp? @ 3:32:00

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Yappy started the closing song a bit too early, so…
  • Ezra “Show's not over yet!”
  • Lilly “No, show's not over yet!”
  • Hugh “and…here…we…go” (whispered)
  • Ezra “You are so wierd!”
  • Lilly “You are very strange, you know!”
  • Kyte “It's like we're in a timewarp”
  • Lilly “Yeah, right”
  • Hugh “I can do this!”
  • Lilly “You can watch what we do after the show… we just get up and say 'thank god that's over with'…”
  • Ezra “Uh-ha”
  • Poink “Wow, we look like a FIXME who? cover…”
  • Lilly “…stretch out our creeky bones..”
  • Ezra “We do.”
  • Poink “Yeah”
  • Yappy “That…”
  • Logo gets superimposed over the stage
  • LillyFIXME ???”
  • PoinkFIXME ???”
  • Ezra “We could!”
  • LillyFIXME ???”
  • JackRabbit provides sound effects
  • LillyFIXME ??? …OH it's JR! … FIXME ??? … that's a very annoying sound actually.”
  • Poink “Are we going in..”
  • Lilly “We just do that next week… suck Jell-o through a straw”
  • Poink “no-no-no!”
  • Yappy “YES!”
  • Lilly “…pudding through a straw?”
  • Poink “I would like to see you suck Jouva through a straw”
  • Yappy “He might slurple the same way”
  • Lilly “Naw, it's OK really. FIXME ???”
  • Poink “God, this isn't over yet?”
  • Ezra “No”
  • Yappy “We got a minute!”
  • …etc…singing songs…etc…
  • Yappy “Happy birthday if it's your birthday!”
  • Ezra “Happy birthday to 2 tomorrow! It's 2's birthday tomorrow!”
  • Kyte “This is your birth…”
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