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Episode: 389

Airdate: Sep 28, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

That Video Needed No Commentary




  • Arctic (Subservient)
  • KJ
  • Artick
  • Sniffer (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The birthday party decoration from last week is still up
  • Krystals and their burgers brings the topic to weird meat eating habits
  • While searching through his upload folder, Yappy Fox discovers many a weird song… the “Benny Hill vs. Eminem” amongst them.
  • Yappy cleans out the video folder by showing a block of videoes sent in by the viewers, consisting of Engineers talking about cats, 70s cartoon opening titles, a french video about a man having WAY too much caffine, breakdancing bees, foreign KFC commercials, and proof that Minute Maid Orange Juice turned Popeye and Bluto gay.
  • The “Kinder” chocolate commercial scares Ezra into hanging himself
  • We can see pictures of KJ and Rummage on their bikes.
  • KuddlePup gets to try out his Quagga-Mix
  • Spits or swallows “Teewurst” + “Chocolate milk”, later on “Mint sauce”
  • Simba got some vegemite from Australia
  • Liesl realizes that there's an abundance of Peckers backstage…
  • …and so four peckers are dancing on stage!
  • A husky pull with Liesl at the reigns of Sniffer and Arctic ends with a belly-flop after about… umm… half an inch?
  • …and at the second try they make it righ across the living room before the chair tips over again.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

Videos shown

  • FIXME title @ 48:00 (3D animation with Will Smith MIB song)
  • FIXME title @ 52:00 animated robot music video (cut short)
  • “The Stoic Squirrel in the Big City”
  • commercial
  • FIXME title @ 56:00 “Alice in Wonderland”-ish cartoon
  • PES - Nuclear attack
  • PSA - Honeybees
  • “Technical Difficulties”
  • Animated music video FIXME title @ 1:04:00
  • KFC commercials
  • Smurf cereal commercial
  • Smurfberry Crunch commercial
  • FIXME chocolate commercials (animated bunnies)
  • W3 intro
  • E-Z Beta from Sony - commercial
  • Burger King “I'm not Herb” commercial
  • Coffee animation (french song) FIXME title @ 1:17:30
  • “Kinder” chocolate eggs commercial
  • Bullwinkle puppet
  • The Barkleys - Intro
  • FIXME Title @1:27:00 Cartoon intro
  • Gay Popeye and Pluto - commercial
  • FIXME Title @1:29:00 intro
  • B/W movie “documentary” (cut short)
  • ???
  • Igor/Frankenstein commercial for label guides
  • “Network” movie trailer
  • Wonder Woman, Hulk, Flying High trailers
  • Ghostbusters - animated series intro
  • The Simpsons sing the “Family Guy” intro
  • “An engineers guide to cats”
  • Fainting Goats
  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 2:25:00
  • Star Wars + Golf
  • Star Trek + Timewarp
  • Highly Illogical

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “See you next week, Frazzy!”
  • Puddin' “Bye!”
  • Hugh “Beh…”1)
cut off
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