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Episode: 401

Airdate: Dec 28, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Auld Lang Syne

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Show Highlights

  • No subservients or guests, Liesl and Simba still on Christmas Holiday.
  • Unfinished business: Yappy Fox hands out Christmas items sent in from the FPS mailbag. Cards from Fillyjonk, Pumptiger, Francis in Detroit, Karpour, and Rapid T. Rabbit. A sealed Express Mail envelope reveals Brian Reynolds original inked artwork. Garrison sends in new glasses and a spirograph for Ezra, assorted booze flavored coffee and candies for Mutt, a giant bag of Food Court fast food shaped gummy candies and a DVD of “Rocky Jones - Space Ranger” for Poink, and a pound of Tootsie Rolls and a wooden train whistle for Yappy Fox, as well as gifts for the missing Simba and Liesl. Poink wins the award for “Cast member who pooted the most over the last 400 episodes” - A plastic Pull My Finger keyring that makes three kinds of fart noises.
  • Ezra asks the audience how to “destroy 2008”, after revealing wooden craft numbers '2008'. Yappy Fox wants to 'take a big old poop on it'.
  • The cast compare ways 2008 sucked. Mutt says it wasn't all that bad for him.
  • Mutt looks for weenie shadows in the ToeJam video, Bandit would rather just go out.
  • The cast discusses who the best actors for the new Star Trek movie would be.
  • Mutt talks about the Ultimate Yappypoot.
  • The computer voice does the roll call and calls KP “KuddlePoop”
  • Mutt gets bummed out by the movie “Marley & Me”.
  • Reading the half-million warnings on Redline Energy Drink.
  • Mutt calls the Pawpet Show a 4-hour Errection, and the audience requests Subservient Errection do a barrel roll, to leekspin and similar things…
  • … and Mutt leek spins Carrot
  • Yappy Fox divides the cast into left and right channels… although it's the wrong way around.
  • Innuendo jar: Rummage exposes his privates, Ezra asks Poink if he's ready for a hard one, and Mutt wants to know whats wrong with 'Youth in Asia'.
  • Ezra plays a game with the cast/channel: Guess the name of the series by the episode title
  • Poink is happy that his name finally appears on the web page!
  • Yappy Fox uses vocal effects to annoy both cast and audience
  • …in the end, Yappy Fox just breaks apart the “2008” numbers
  • Yappy Fox plays some “Sim” music
  • Ezra cuts himself in half! To country music no less!

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • How to kill 2008 once and for all
  • Caption: “Human Manatee”… “Humanetee?”

Videos shown

  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 34:00 (Excerpt)
  • Music Video: Burning down the house (Excerpt)
  • Music Video: Fun with censor bars FIXME title @ 43:00
  • Missy Awards 2008
  • Chef Boyardee Spaghetti commercial
  • Soul Train with Obama
  • Southpark-style Pawpets + “The system is down” techno - Garrison and Hobbes
  • Tennessee Prime commercial (an inbred cartoon hillbilly literally admits that his sausage contains the ingredients X,Z and Y9-D)
  • Oreo's JibJab video card with Brian Reynolds heads.
  • Disney's “dedicated park for Funday Pawpet”
  • Philip Morris commercial with Lucy & Desi
  • Eartha Kitt sings “Santa Baby”
  • Failblog: wire drum and glass door
  • Unicorn Chaser: Bot cutouts
  • C7 Lettuce commercial: a young Mickey Dolenz dreams of a boxing match
  • a Japanese commercial selling ether icecream or breast implants
  • a kangaroo hops into a bar for Jax beer
  • former Pawpets Guest Jay North gives Mr Wilson a jar of Skippy because he knows Mr Wilson likes big peanuts
  • Animation: “What would Brian Boitano Do?” - Pawpet Rocky Mountains
  • Animation: “Blazing Ferrets” - Pawpet Rocky Mountains
  • Animation: “Monster Mash” - Pawpet Rocky Mountains
  • Animation: “All your Mutts” - Pawpet Rocky Mountains
  • JackRabbit and Rasvar try to do the Mentos/Coke trick for Bunny Death
  • Music Video: Last time in Clerkenwell
  • Music Video: Creepy video for the “Last time in CLerkenwell” song

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra (Biting Speedy the Snail): “I'm having escargot! Chomp!”
  • Hugh: “I love the Atkins Diet!”
  • The song “That Good old Mountain Dew” plays again for a few minutes after the screen goes black
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