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Episode: 409

Airdate: Mar 01, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Off key, tone and beat




  • Jeremy

Show Highlights

  • Liesl is perky.
  • Hugh Manatee beep beep's Lilly, coining the term “Boobling”.
  • Ezra shows off one of his “want to have” cars.
  • Pawpets discuss rides… cars and bikes.
  • Yappy Fox plays the first few lines of “jizz in my pants”.
  • Ezra wants to electrify his car to keep Löwenbräu's cat off.
  • Sing along with Löwenbräu FIXME1).
  • The return of the Annual Arthur Awards is announced.
  • Audrey gets manhandled - which brings up memories of “Aliens” for some reason…
  • Hugh gets beebled by stage hand.
  • Ezra hangs himself during a MIDI file session (files played include “Puff the magic dragon”, “Cocaine”, “Electrical light parade”).
  • Marflebark is uttered again.
  • Lilly Voop sings “Close to You” by The Carpenters.
  • Liesl gets angry over a comment in the chat room.
  • A series of songs gets done in Karaoke: FIXME2) “Sail away”, several Frank Sinatra songs
  • “Ask Java” with Java… Which inlcudes “inside out Java”
  • Liesl plays tug of war with Bandit - with KuddlePup egging him on going “drrrrrr!”
  • Yappy Fox and Jeremy discuss bikes…
  • …which ends with Yappy Fox and KuddlePup offering different modes of transportation for her: bike or Rolls Royce?
  • While reading the spam, Yappy Fox actually follows one of the links and finds his Mac “infected” with “windows viruses”…`

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • “Yappy and the tonedeafs”

Videos shown

  • “Instant Sex” commercial
  • Lifesaver commercials
  • Tootsie roll ice cream bar commercial
  • Libby Land TV dinners commercial
  • FIXME Libbies? commercials @ 2:04:30
  • FIXME “Magic spoon land?” commercial @ 2:06:00
  • Anti-smoking commercial by Peter Max
  • Stir-n-serv commercial
  • The Monkees promo
  • 7-up Pacman commercial
  • Failblog - Glass door exit
  • Jamie and the Magic Torch intro
  • Ding Dongs commercial
  • “All in the Family” starts later…
  • “Billy Jean” done by Steve Martin
  • The NEW show intro
  • A music video of the song “The Silverton”, made up of scenes from “Polar Express”
  • Animation “The Missing Lynx” to Yuri Mendez tune
  • Rowlf sings “The cat came back”
  • “Can't touch me” from Family Guy to scenes from The Lion King

Ask Java

  • Best thing to go with peanut butter: Jelly
  • What is the meaning of live: Keep hoppin happy - 42
  • Have you licked yourself and seen Jesus: I saw Jesus' eyes
  • What happens when you turn yourself inside out: I become different looking
  • Do you like to chew asprin: No, who does that?

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Cow “Bye!”
  • Hugh “Honk a Boob!”
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