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Episode: 420

Airdate: Jun 21, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Drug talk

The download of the show was missing several minutes. Yappy Fox found out later1) that the scenes shown from “Half Baked” triggered the copy protection system of the DVD recorder and recording was interrupted. Until this confirmation there has been rumor of broken videos and even censorship.

Alternate titles suggested

  • Cannabis Pawpetus
  • I was going to do a show, but then I got high…
  • it's the drugs talking



Show Highlights

  • Show starts with the current intro video (Brian's art) but with “Bad boys” playing.
  • AnthroCon is briefly discussed, as KuddlePup is off this week preparing stuff for the con. Mutt suggests renaming it “AnthroCity” for it's size.
  • FIXME who calls in?
  • KuddlePup calls in and talks about AC
  • Mutt throws snacks at the camera and takes out Yappy Fox in the process.
  • The phone setup leads to an interesting quote… “You can't hear a thing I say, right?” - “Right!”
  • The cast tells tales of various drug experiences… in Amsterdam of course!
  • Poink tells how he snorted whip cream once.
  • Mutt has trouble understanding the difference between RGB and CMY color mixing
  • Hugh Manatee sings “I'm a Manatee”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: McDonalds sign repainted green and labelled “Marijuana Restaurant”
  • Art Jam: Funday Pawpot Show

Videos shown

  • Heart Attack Grill Video
  • “Living Island”
  • Sylvester
  • “Weeds”
  • Catnip video
  • Talking dog anti drugs video
  • Bernie & Ert - Drogen
  • Pawpet News Flash - Part 1 - Atkelar
  • Marijuana Kills commercial
  • Scary Movie Weed Scene
  • The price is right - Guessing 420
  • Because I Got High (video with cat)
  • Acid Flashback Episode 125 - Garrison changes the logo to Pawpot Show.
  • Mutt and Rummage in Amsterdam (Re-run from Episode 346)
  • Granny “cannabis”
  • Bets with cannabis
  • PSA: Blue Beetle
  • CHTV: Talking dog: fathering
  • Pawpet News Flash - Part 2 - Atkelar
  • Stoned childrens program commercial: Boobah
  • “Harold & Kumar go to White Castle” - the stoned cheetah scene.
  • “Up in smoke” scene
  • Mac vs. PC “Do you wanna get high?”
  • Bob meets the Beatles
  • “I Love the 80s” Newsbreak - Paul's drug-bust
  • SpongeBong Hemppants
  • Half Baked intro (missing from the download @ 2:46:00)
  • Music Video: Rasta… pale Rasta… FIXME title? @ 3:04:00
  • Pawpet News Flash - 3
  • Half Baked scene (missing from the download @ 3:08:00)
  • Yappy's earworm of the week FIXME title @ 3:10:00
  • “Everything's better with a bag o' weed”

Nut shot of the week

  • Kid launching bottle rocket… that backfired.

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Dibs on the Ding Dongs!”
  • Rummage “Where's my bong?”
  • Hugh “Over there!”
mentioned it during Episode 424
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