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Episode: 427

Airdate: Aug 23, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Golden Corral Anybody?

Kuddlepup is in Vienna, Ezra is with him.



Show Highlights

  • Yappy Fox tries to get everybody into going to Golden Corral after the show… but Poink needs to go to work early.
  • The new puppeteer - Blitz gets introduced
  • Food discussion
  • Rule 34 on Stay Puft!
  • Interactive Eye (named “Earl”) on drugs.
  • Pawpets bring up a new character: Subservient eyeball Earl and JackRabbit improvises a puppet…
  • iPhone alarm tunes are played on air
  • Hugh Manatee tells us about some practical jokes he had to endure.
  • Rasvar calls in and tells about his practical jokes
  • Skippy makes it clear that he is metrosexual
  • Skippy does… errr… reads the channel
  • Gay (porn) movie titles… including many an “ork” worthy word.
  • Near the end it is decided that the appropriate name for a horse would be Brokeback, as well as Broken Seal for Blitz's seal puppet.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • “Eating out” (As Poink immediately put it: “IN A CLEAN WAY!”)
  • Poink's Grandmother
  • Subservient Earl

Videos shown

  • Mutt visits a roller coaster (FIXME name? @ 58:30)
  • Beakmans World clip
  • Mr. Wizard
  • Ezra visits Vienna
  • Mole and Bunny-Bunny… FIXME Title @ 3:00:00 - the German credits at the end identify it as a production by a studio in Praha, done for the German state TV “WDR” in 1997
  • HBO - Feature Presentation intro
  • Japanese boobies commercial… with chocolate
  • The Green Giant - commercial
  • Tang commercial: moon people
  • Coca Cola/New Coke Chicago Bears commercial
  • Roadrunner cartoon: Coyote finally catches the Roadrunner… well… sorta…

Nutshot of the week

  • Rope slide
  • Lighter fluid

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Jackrabbit holds up Earl
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