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Episode: 435

Airdate: Nov 01, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]


The mics are open pre-show and a brief exchange ensued… including fart jokes…




  • Drone

Show Highlights

  • The upcoming Telethon is discussed (and lots of junk for sale is found… including “Original Bandit battle damage Mr. Clean”)
  • Yappy Fox brings up how complicated it is to brew meth… or build an atomic bomb.
  • Manatee awereness month starts
  • Poink takes a bottle of Kuddlepup's pills… little blue ones…
  • Crashed media player on the show's Mac prompt a discussion about “program crashes vs. blue screens”… and we learn that KuddlePup's blue screens are fuchsia…
  • The acid flashback to Episode 52 gets bluescreened over with the current cast
  • Two rounds of Tuninator are played. The second one - selected by Poink - featuring Mrs. Miller
  • Rasvar calls in to rant on Poink ignoring some details in the Tuninator rules
  • Drone gets interviewed.
  • Yin Yang throws a hatchet at Slim.
  • Hugh Manatee sings the wrong lyrics to “City of New Orleans”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption Picture: Dog in cardboard Enterprise costume
  • Manatee Month

Videos shown

  • Weird animation video “Octocat adventure”
  • Weird animation video “Octocat adventure” (part 2)
  • Weird animation video “Octocat adventure” (part 3)
  • FIXME video with picture fail @ 34:30
  • “Her Lion's Jump” (Fred, the lion)
  • Joke video with freeze frame of flip chart
  • Animator vs. Animation II
  • The depth of girls
  • Soupy “let's pie with me”
  • Fursuit walk to “Battle without honor or humanity” FIXME title @ 49:50 (Stream Freeze)
  • Family Guy / Superfriends opening comparison animation
  • Aniboom: Old guy and the T-Rex costume… (MST3k'd)
  • Grey fox and skunk
  • Ham commercial
  • Hack a calculator
  • Pole Position with people (
  • “Yesterday” with a choir of Ventriloquists
  • After the fox (intro animation)
  • Japanese “Bikini Zone” commercial
  • Strange video with two british guys…? FIXME title @ 1:12:15
  • Meet the Elements
  • Bat costume with Ghostbusters music (May be the same guy who did the kangaroo video…) FIXME title @ 1:17:40
  • Fursuit video FIXME title @ 1:19:40
  • Thunderbirds
  • Dragon/snake on a boat FIXME title @ 1:22:00
  • FIXME Title @ 1:22:30
  • Narwals song/animation
  • Music Video: Kids in America (cut short)
  • FIXME title @ 1:24:00
  • Half Life Full Life Conesquenses (
  • Star Trek meets “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”
  • Polka Version of “The final countdown”
  • Steven Lynch
  • Kangaroo + Maze
  • Animal “Night time/Day time” game
  • It all started with the big bang
  • Animals talking (BBCone)
  • The Missing Lynx song
  • Music Video: B/W song FIXME title @ 1:37:30
  • Aniboom “Good breeding” - Panda Porn
  • Aniboom FIXME title @ 1:43:00
  • Japanese candy commercial
  • Japanese stop motion animation of bunny and bear singing
  • Music video with some fursuits FIXME title @ 1:47:00
  • Shadow lands (shadow puppets)
  • Ferret Porn (nude ferret porn) Budwiser commercial
  • Diet Mountain Dew commercial - Ferret with a chainsaw
  • Old, unreleases, show - with a very porn like intro…
  • Acid flashback: Episode 52 (one year anniversary including an acid flashback to Episode 1 (first show))
  • Acid flashback: Episode 59

Nut shot of the week

  • Baseball pitch
  • Sliding into fire hydrant
  • Doberman and laser pointer
  • Weight lifting

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “AHHHH!” (jumping off stage again) Ezra “And the kitty cats?”
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