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Episode: 441

Airdate: Dec 20, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas show 2009

The show starts with “Jingle Bell Rock” instead of the usual opening theme.
The closing song is “The 12 pains of Christmas”




  • Huskers and Juno were announced but didn't show…

Show Highlights

  • The acid flashback video is intruduced.
  • Bandit's toy hydrant: Shoe, Squeaky ball, football
  • Mutt fights with his christmas hat
  • Kuddlepup brings a game: list as many “items” in a given category, first letters count.
  • Yappy Fox gets a little RC helicopter and plays with it… or is Bandit playing with it?
  • Christmas cards!
  • Tuninator! - And Rasvar even found the soundbite!
  • Ezra gets hit in the crotch by Yappy's chopper
  • Poink gets blow up animals as a Christmas gift, YinYang gets to magic tricks, Mutt gets Funyuns and a scented candle, Ezra gets candy and playing cards
  • Bandit gets his own little collar camera… USB even!
  • White Elephant gift exchange: Blitz: Bottle of wine - JackRabbit: Battery Charger, BraceBear: steals wine, Blitz: Lamp, Yappy Fox: FIXME lindenberries?, KuddlePup: Chuck Norris t-shirt, Rasvar: steals battery charger, JackRabbit: steals wine, BraceBear: cups and corky Rudolph, Herbie: steals wine, JackRabbit: steals cups, BraceBear: bottle tops, Blitz: steals lamp
  • Fart-Alert!
  • Hugh Manatee (decorated!) confesses that he farted and blamed it on Bandit…
  • Ezra and Mutt are goofing off during shout-outs… “IN BED!”
  • Forest fights with Ezra

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • None announced, but obviously Christmas

Videos shown

  • Failblog: Snowboard-jump into ramp - Announced as “Simba snowboarding” by Poink
  • Merry Christmas, Bitch
  • Music Video: Relient K - “Sleigh Ride” (animation)
  • Muppets: Ringing of the Bells
  • Muppets: Ode of Joy - Beaker
  • Creepy “animals sing” video… FIXME title @ 2:13:30
  • Trailer: “The fright before Christmas” - Werewolf Santa
  • Frosty “parody trailer”
  • Frosty audio dubbing FIXME dubbed with what? @ 2:17:00
  • Hey Ya, Charlie Brown
  • CSI: North-Pole (stop motion)
  • Mini-Monsters: Dr. Jackyll and Mr. Claws
  • Bucktown Tiger: Dance of the sugar plum fairies
  • T'Was the Night Before Christmas: “Even a Miracle Needs a Hand”
  • Damn it, I'm Vixen (animation)
  • Dog stuck to a fire hydrant
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus: “The Snow Miser/Heat Miser Song”
  • T'Was the Night Before Christmas: “Give Your Heart a Try”
  • SNL: Peanuts “fix” everything
  • Monkees Christmas
  • Several Christmas songs cut short…
  • Jingle Bells… “Crazy Frog” Edition? FIXME title @ 2:38:50
  • Indian Christmas FIXME title @ 2:40:00
  • Dogs decorating a Christmas tree
  • “Caffeinated Christmas” timelaps tree decoration
  • Killington Weekend '09 - (showing that Simba actually can snowboard)
  • I Want a Hippo For Christmas
  • Music Video: Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
  • Dominic the Donkey
  • Music Video: Christmas at ground zero - Weird Al

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “Why am I the girl?!”
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