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Episode: 454

Airdate: Apr 04, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Easter 2010




  • Leon
  • Cock of justice (Subservient)
  • JR (Subservient Easter Bunny)

Show Highlights

  • Hugh Manatee starts with bunny ears and puts them on upside down creating “sagging boobs”…
  • Different types of toilet are discussed at one of the iPad's first app: flushing toilet…
  • Kosher Cola… 'nuff said.
  • Scream Guy is wearing his usual bunny ears/teeth…
  • Kuddlepup's mom calls in and whishes everybody a happy easter.
  • Zeke shows off his Batman undies…
  • …weird underwear is subsequently discussed.
  • Yappy Fox shows the latest unauthorized use of his character: “Transport Fuchs”
  • The subject changes back to Poopoo…
  • Uncle Kage calls in.
  • KuddlePup brings up the “Dead or Alive” game: Is the named person dead or alive?
  • KuddlePup gets ice in his pants (again)
  • Easter Bunny and Cock of Justice fight, resulting in a choked chicken
  • JackRabbit brings up “Garfield minus Garfield”
  • The closing song is started with the original video again

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Bunny Death

Videos shown

  • Tro-lo-lo - stoned version? FIXME title @ 8:30
  • Healing show
  • “Dog win” failblog
  • Kitty… :o
  • Music Video: Strange animated music video… FIXME title @ 2:21:30 (cut short)
  • 8bit Trip
  • News report1)
  • Bunny Death: Gun with silencer FIXME who?
  • Think Geek: My first bacon
  • Jcces44: Highlights of show 3.14something
  • Bunny Death: Snowball: Kitchen heart attack recipe2)
  • Bunny Death: Atkelar
  • FWA 7 2010
  • Bunny Death: Modified Harddisk
  • Cat “singing” Tro-lolo
  • Fursuit hacking hotel viewscreen
  • Think Geek: Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock
  • Dog barking at a turtle, turtles fighting
  • Still alive - sung by childrens choir3)
  • Music Video: Animation (Wolf/Sheep) FIXME title @ 2:46:30
  • Bunny Death: Attack of the vamp bunnies
  • Bunny Death: Breaking in half
  • Trailer: Legend of the Guardians
  • The Fox Chef: Chocolate Bunny
  • Bunny Death: Redski - Car
  • Bunny Death: iSkysoft? FIXME title/contributor @ 2:57:50
  • FIXME clip from what show @ 3:02:00
  • Bunny Death with bad audio (first part of Space Shuttle)
  • Bunny Death: Tennis, Golf, Lawnmower
  • Strange Japanese video with a man in a plastic bubble
  • SciFi channel - blowing up the dog
  • Bunny Death: TSG/Chilly/Klavi
  • Bunny Death: Space Shuttle

Nut shot of the week

  • TSG gets hit by a chocolate bunny during his Bunny Death video

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • everybody on stage <scream>
cut short
speed up
cut a bit short
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