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Episode: 462

Airdate: Jun 06, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Weird stuff left and right

Jackrabbit is home sick. No Hugh Manatee or Poink this week.




Show Highlights

  • The cast “sings” along with the final few lines of the opening song.
  • Upon mentioning the Disney Electrical Parade, the cast “parades” by to its theme song - which is sped up and slowed down…
  • Yappy Fox tears off a head of a not-yet-headless barbie.
  • Several other songs are swing'd (See Episode 461)
  • A discussion around the subject of “Titanic - the video game” arises and turns into the question of how tasteful it is to make games of disasters…
  • …and brings up “The Furcon Game” with the “blamethrower”
  • Roll call by computer voice - including the autotuned version
  • Kuddlepup writes up some lyrics for the computer voice to sing…
  • Computer voice pronounces Poink's name as “pee-oink”
  • The cast discusses “Human Centipede” as a shocker movie…
  • Mutt discusses “poo poo”
  • Zeke Husky and PrincessFox demonstrate the difference between boys and girls to Blitz
  • PawTweets are read by the computer voice.
  • Various insects and reptiles (and dolphins) are popping up after a PawTweet about missing lizards on the show…

Kuddlepup's computer voice lyrics

Blitz always asks the silliest questions.
He doesn't know who Perry Mason is.
But then Mutt says he can't do math and Brace can't stand the Electrical parade.
Princess fox made some delicious pasta and Blitz wants to do that at the same time.
Poink is not here and we are sad.
Yappy loves his sister and refuses to let her see him at FWA.
Now we can't do chat roulette, but we love to watch videos with cute

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets and Lego-candy
  • Pawpets and the super friends
  • Caption picture: Badger nose close-up - introduced late for a live caption

Videos shown

  • Polar bear plush commercial
  • MTV FIXME title? @ 1:04:45
  • Japanese puppet performance
  • Sheeps + LEDs (cut short)
  • WTF-Music video with bad costumes… FIXME title @ 1:08:30
  • The Wizard of speed and time (cut short)
  • Fox calling
  • Flasher for a ladder
  • moving furniture
  • Fursuiting @ Chatroulette (speed up)
  • “We sing the forest electric”? (Animation, huters and animals)
  • Fox + candy
  • Equals Three Video about “da poopoo!”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “That's what happens when you…”(Cut short)
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