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Episode: 469

Airdate: Aug 15, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Star Wars + flash backs

Stream dies about 75 minutes into the show… RTSP stream doesn't return.




Show Highlights

  • Blitz went to see a “video game movie” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and he liked it
  • Star Wars con… Rasvar shows off his “Adult 4 days” badge…
  • GOF tells us what he thinks of Star Wars… but with his breathing mask on, nobody could understand a word
  • Mutt and Rasvar show their pictures from the Star Wars con
  • Mutt wonders if there's a pawpet fandom…
  • Due to Carrie Fisher being at the Star Wars con, a lot of talk about drugs and recycling drugs starts…
  • Poink tells a story about Buffalo Wing hot souce and pasta…
  • Blitz starts a talk about toilet paper… which brings up Seal of disapproval.
  • The cast performs to “Physical”
  • Rasvar reads the roll call with three lettered nicks only.
  • Mutt tells about a co-worker losing half of his intestines.
  • The cast discusses whether the shakeweight is a boy or a girl
  • Blitz' moment: “What's ICQ?”
  • Acid Flashback: 2002 - Episode 124: The FIRST Pink Flamingo Challange AND Panda-Boobs!
  • Acid Flashback: 2000 - Episode 37: Star Treckin'
  • Acid Flashback: 2001 - Episode 97: Tuninator / Pod race
  • Somehow Jar Jar Binks is the source of much laughter… 1 man, 1 Jar Jar…
  • The cast dances to “Disco Lucy”
  • Rasvar gets interviewed - over the closing credits…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption Picture: Rasvar sitting at the holo-game table of the Millenium Falcon with R2-D2
  • Art-Jam topic was not officially announced, but Star Wars did present itself…

Videos shown

  • Bike race
  • Break Dancer
  • Wire drum going down the stairs
  • Top 10 Mallakhamb players
  • Star Wars(Electone)スターウォーズ(ファンファーレ付き)エレクトーン,maru氏 -
  • Megaman(Rockman),FF(Chocobo),Jurassic Park,Electoneおっくせんまんエレクトーン -
  • Pirates of the Caribbean(Electone)パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン エレクトーン演奏 -
  • ドラゴンクエストVIII(ドラクエ8)「雄叫びをあげて」エレクトーンElectone -
  • some clips from the Star Wars con
  • Feral! in 90 seconds
  • ?? FIXME @ 1:09:00 ?
  • Music video: Seal pawpet FIXME song title @ 1:09:45
  • OH-Pawpets: Jewish Fox turned christian
  • Quad suit showcase FIXME title @ 1:13:00
  • Washer + Brick
  • Star Wars con video

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Blitz “Whoooo!” (throwing Brunhilda across the screen)
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