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Episode: 478

Airdate: Oct 17, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Naked + NES not only at frat parties



Show Highlights

  • JackRabbit's birthday party - with an aweful piano player - was discussed
  • Poink has a Tron-disc
  • Dusty is on Mutt's place on stage and realizes that there's a faint voice there going “poop…poop…poop”
  • Ezra realizes how bad commercials during the 60's were
  • Blitz has to start over on his “what is a boy and what is a girl” training
  • Ezra announces “Poop and Scoop Barbie”
  • We learn that Herbie fails at looking manly.
  • Blitz enjoys Rocky and Bullwinkle now
  • Rasvar calls out rule 34 on Blitz leading to…
  • From the departement of TMI: What Blitz did naked in Yappy Fox's house
  • Blitz prompts to go naked on camera… and Kuddlepup throws his clothes over the stage
  • Yappy Fox compares “sausages”…
  • Blitz plays MegaMan 5 on the NES via stream… followed by a “Bible Adventures” and Zeke attempting to play Kirby's Adventure
  • The ferrets dance to “Popcorn”
  • In memoriam Yena Dingo Kuddlepup suggests playing “Say Goodbye” by Toxic Audio

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Pancakes + green eggs: Mickey puking
  • 80's Band Pawpets / Pawpets with Keytars

Videos shown

  • Scene from “Airplane!”
  • Interview about the scene from “Airplane!”
  • ??? Music performace ???
  • Music video @ 55:00
  • Music Video: Less Talk More Rokk
  • Music Video: Bulletproof
  • Music Video: Mariachi??? FIXME title @ 1:06:30
  • Yappy Fox's ride to bike week(?)
  • Dog brings a beer
  • Omadaun video
  • Nintendo return
  • Pawpet PSA: Clams - FIXME performer @ 2:11:50
  • Platypus… with a platypus puppet
  • Pawpet Music Video: Still Alive - Jcces44 -
  • Pet fox getting scritches - FoxAlbiAzul
  • Fursuiting Video
  • Fursuit sex as a commercial - Bunnies
  • ??? FIXME 2:26:00 - cut short
  • Dog raiding coolers on the beach
  • Dog brings a beer (different version)
  • Pole Position commercial
  • Pawpet intro “thank you for not smoking”
  • Trailer for “Streifen” motionpicture by Kyo
  • Fursuiting video - Antheria 2010
  • Bucktown Tiger: Tigersuit

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Bye!” - the stream goes on a bit after that and shows Tijuana Taxi again
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