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Episode: 481

Airdate: Nov 07, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Rule 34!



Show Highlights

  • Show starts out with the Folkmanis bumper with Judy Folkmanis, Todd and Rummage
  • Mutt realizes - through the help of Yappy Fox's tech skills - that even a Mac will run better when plugged in
  • Toilet talk about 20 minutes into the show…
  • Yappy Fox tells about a toilet adventure
  • What do you do on the toilet?
  • Yappy Fox searches “Rule 34” in google images…
  • Brunhilda visits his family and his brother lost hist “girlfriend” in an accident… apparently the entire family doesn't know what a girl is
  • Kuddlepup tells us how he vaccumed off the keys of his laptop
  • Pawpets answer trivia questions
  • Chuckles looks around in SecondLife
  • The cast discusses how small the set is compared to what it looks like on the stream…
  • Simon plays a round of Simon says…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets Rule 34

Videos shown

  • Folkmanis bumper
  • Jason Marsden bumpers
  • Tijuana Taxi
  • Disney dance performance at Magic Kingdom
  • Disney dance performance + Tijuana Taxi
  • Disney dance performance + Apache
  • Scary Mary Poppins trailer
  • Daft Punk - (FIXME title) Music from TRON1)
  • Omadaun 1
  • Omadaun 2
  • Bud light commercial
  • “Police chace” winter service commercial
  • Halloween costume: Censor bar
  • Raccoon pawpet playing “rock band” FIXME: song title
  • “Evil Toons” trailer
  • ?? commercial
  • Candid camera: port-a-potty + meeting
  • VW beetle “nomming”
  • Chihuahua - hyper…
  • Home made Marshmellows
  • LED-matrix with Electrical Light Parade
  • The Raccoons…?
  • How to draw… “the 'chest region'”
  • ??? trailer
  • Operation Brain Surgery
  • Dude of Hazards
  • Pooping cow keychain
  • Barbie and Tanner(?) - product review
  • Smash up derby set - commercial
  • VW beetle commercial
  • Pawpet video: “Cat in a kettle”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “BARK” (Jumping off the stage)
cut short for commercial video
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