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Episode: 484

Airdate: Dec 05, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Foofie
  • North
  • Keelute “Cotton Candy” (Subservient)
  • FIXME (sp?) Scadget (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • sends in a voice for Scorch… alongside with several sex toys
  • Brunhilda's moments: What's a g-spot? *ding* “What sound?” *ding*
  • Poink shows footage of the rare, recently discovered “land manatee”
  • Bandit eats JackRabbit's RC car
  • LJ Llama posts to his LiveJournal
  • We see the Veggie Tales nativity scene Blitz put out
  • Mutt questions the sex toys…
  • The pizza guy gets robbed by BucktownTiger
  • Bucktowntiger plays the mexican hat dance during roll call
  • After the video break, Bucktowntiger does a rather large improvised segment, culminating in playing two keyboards at once
  • Roger performs the “Cheesburger” and “I am an astronaut” song

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Cotton Candy / Spilled coffee

Videos shown

  • Japanese commercial?
  • PSA about staying in school with penguins
  • Pawpet Music video: Black Diamond (Kiss)
  • William Shatner - “singing” - to video segments of Start Trek (animated series) - Gong'd
  • Bic lighter commercial
  • Soup commercial
  • “Amtrak” - somthing (missing sound, Gong'd)
  • B/W Santa stop motion animation
  • Thomas F. Wilson (Biff from “Back to the Future”) - “stop asking me questions!”
  • commercial
  • Some videos previously shown (Gong'd)
  • DJ Format featuring Jurassic 5 - We Know Something (Fursuit Music Video - Gong'd)
  • Animal adoption? “Harvey” the wonder dog?
  • Jack in the Box commercial - Ultimate Cheeseburger (Gong'd)
  • ? Something with Roger Moore - but without sound (Gong'd)
  • Is it a good idea to microwave this? (Rubber ducks)
  • Cats… ? (sped up)
  • Meow Mix commercial (Gong'd)
  • Omadaun
  • Mr. Furry Fur Fur - news segment
  • Merry Zodmas (sped up, Gong'd)
  • Perfect Strangers - to Star Wars (Gong'd)
  • Little Mermaid (Gong'd)
  • Suzy Snowflake - B/W stop motion animation (Gong'd)
  • Duck and ducklings getting blown away
  • Mascots throwing stuff off a building
  • Cookie Monster - Saturday Night Live done with Sesame Street sets

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Love your hat!” - and Brunhilda ascends…
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