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Episode: 489

Airdate: Jan 09, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Ancient Devices




  • Sawblade5
  • Takala
  • Grylor FIXME sp?
  • Victor Redtail (Subservient)
  • Isaiah Eagle (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The show starts with Ezra, Dusty and Brunhilda going “bark!”
  • We have the pawpet soap opera of Brunhilda overreacting over the defective bulb in the projector the week befor
  • Misheard lyrics!
  • We get to see crochet “Mini-KP”, done by “toraguy”
  • Takala gets interviewed
  • Sawblade5 gets interviewed
  • Grylor gets interviewed
  • The video mixer goes into “no Blitz for you” mode as Yappy Fox tries to put Blitz next to a picture of Corey Feldman
  • Mutt's habit of using his phone on the toilet is discussed (and disgusting)
  • Rummage sings

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • None was announced

Videos shown

  • “Il était une fois… les technologies du passé.” (lit. “Once upon a time… vintage technologies”)
  • Atkelar: “Tribute” to VHS
  • Puppet music video FIXME name? (@ ca. 1:00)
  • Hampsterdance 2 (Also Tihuana Taxi'd)
  • Japanese “Disney Kids” video… “NamiNamiNa”1)
  • Chicken with “stabilized” head
  • Red Fox talking
  • School dance competition?
  • Rubix cube: 12secs
  • Will it apache?
  • Kero9x: Tron Legacy Hollywood premiere (Includes “Recognizer” and “Derezzed” from movie soundtrack)
  • College Humor: “Board Game Murder Mystery” (parody with Parker Brothers' and other games)
  • “Fart toy” commercial
  • Wedding on the ice (bird costume)
  • Violinist playing Bohemian Rhapsody2)
  • Cramel commercial
  • Kackel Dackel - commercial
  • Pig goes pop - commercial
  • Omadaun
  • Is it a good idea to microwave this: Fire alarm
  • ??? animation
  • Slideshow to “My dog's better than yours”
  • “How'd you get in here`”
  • Panda milk commercials (office/hospital)
  • Goldfish extreme piranhas
  • Conrad - Scarecrow commercial
  • Bears plying hockey
  • Animation… coffee + “We're back”?
  • Superman inflato-suit
  • Clink Clink - another drink3)
  • Dolphins
  • Baby, Immigrant + “the guy on mushrooms”4)
  • Cat and the fiddle animation5)
  • Village People one man puppet gig
  • Panda cub6)
  • Mr. Magoo - Intro?
  • Pawpet music video: “Centerfield” Landrav
  • Pawpet music video: “?” Jcces44 (FIXME song title)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “WHO FARTED?!”
  • Rummage “He who smelt it, dealt it!”
  • Several seconds after the video blacks out some sound effects (Orchestra-hits) are heard
1) , 3)
sped up
4) , 5) , 6)
Sped up
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