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Episode: 500

Airdate: Apr 03, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Half a Thousand Shows!

The show is actually five hours long.




Show Highlights

  • There is a new show logo! Art by Brian Reynolds.
  • Uncle Kage moderates a show intro
  • The show starts with the original, ancient intro
  • The stage's special “500” sign falls down mere minutes into the show due to a lack of duct-tape
  • Herbie is late because of a flat tire
  • Eagle Beagle gets interviewed
  • The show calls Terry to get Temp Ferret and Shak on the phone
  • The show calls Timber
  • The show calls GarrisonSkunk; YinYang and Lilly both lip-sync to him
  • The show calls Jess
  • Liesl gets interviewed
  • Brace gets interviewed
  • Rasvar gets interviewed
  • The show calls Devin to get Nerd Ferret on the phone
  • Mutt talks about flat tires and deli ladies
  • Mach gets interviewed
  • The show calls Brian Reynolds
  • The show calls Nonsanity in Denmark at 3 in the morning
  • A super quick interview with Zeke
  • Simba gets interviewed
  • The show calls 2 Gryphon to say hi
  • Rummage performs the full version of 2 Gryphon's pawpet song - with glasses
  • Behind the stage segment: Herbie, Blitz, Kuddlepup, JackRabbit and Yappy Fox as the current cast get interviewed.
  • Rasvar moons the cast during the last parts of the interview. And the question whether he has a butt crack is finally answered!

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • As Yappy put it: “NO!” - but the “500” theme did turn in a good number of drawings

Videos shown

  • Uncle Kage intro
  • JR in a bikini
  • Video montage, sent in by Howler
  • Video montage, sent in by BlackfootFerret
  • FPS 500 trivia show (Multiple videos throughout the show), by Atkelar
  • Tron 500, sent in by the Late Night Commentary Show
  • Congratulations video by Daichi_Ookami
  • Orlando Kia, sent in by FancySkunk
  • Easter show clip
  • “Brand New Key” Parody sung by a voop
  • Congratulations video, by BabyCheetah
  • Rasvar's favorite clips #1, Paradise by the Dashboard Poink
  • Rasvar's favorite clips #2, Chocolate Bunny Deaths (Diet Coke and Mentos)
  • Rasvar's favorite clips #3, Mutt explains Space Mountain drunk and Mach pukes
  • Performance of Bob Rivers' “A Big Ton O' Moola”
  • FIXME Congratulations video, by ??? (3:13:00)
  • Mel Larkey congratulates the cast
  • Bugsy the Emu congratulates the cast
  • “Man boobs” and “Multiboobage”
  • Takala takes the Pink Flamingo Challenge
  • Congratulations video, by Landrav
  • A segment from Todd's Furry News, sent in by Shuff Wolfcoon
  • A naked photo of JR, accidentally left on his flash drive
  • The Woulfe Pack sings “Thank you for the Pawpets”
  • Peeing in the shower, and the sink, and so much worse…
  • Triple Truffle Shuffle
  • The Hand of God makes a guest appearance
  • The various intros used through the years (played throughout the show).

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Blitz “Quick! Everybody moon!”
  • Kuddlepup “I'm not mooning them!” 1)
Both lines clipped out of the download
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